Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Democrats Continue to Prove Stupidity

Hey, Captain Obvious here, just trying to let you know that yet another Democrat shames his entire family, his state, the country, the planet, and the intergalactic union by resigning his governorship amid a scandal that Democrats are so damn awful, they have to pay for sex. I mean, most people know that Democrats are stupid, but are stupid people really that repulsive? Polls say YES!

Oh, and the stupid party of Florida has about come up with a way to have another vote so they can matter in an election. How in the Hell are there more than seven Democrats in this entire world? Can someone please explain that to me? Side bet: Barry wins this go around and Hillary tries to suppress that vote. 10-1.

In other news, people that have 5 billion dollars collectively decided that money must go to the dumbest cause to prove their stupidity. If you want to throw money away, why not throw it away on something useful? These dumbasses should have given that money to the Pentagon so they could get six new hammers.

Dammit, Democrats are friggin' embarrassing to normal people. If y'all believe in abortion so damn much, why don't you start practicing at party conventions or something? Damn, damn, damn, y'all give morons a bad name.

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