Saturday, March 08, 2008

I've Been Thinking

While driving for ten straight hours today, I found a few minutes to think. A bunch of damn minutes to think after I drove through a damn blizzard.

Here's what I got.

ABC News wants a Democrat to win the Presidential election. Fifty times today, I heard this report. THE ECONOMY IS IN A RECESSION!!!!!!

It is not true, yet. They based their findings on the fact that supposedly, we lost more jobs this past month that any time over the last five years. Sixty-five thousand according to them. One little problem with that, unemployment still fell from 4.9% to 4.8%. See?

Add to that, hourly wages are at an all time HIGH. EVER. That average hourly wage is OVER seventeen dollars per friggin' hour! And the Dems that CONTROL Congress are still trying to jack up the minimum wage. The very same Democrats that took over the purse strings in November 2006, seven months BEFORE the economy started going south. Coincidence? Sure, that's what it is.

Not only that, the media failed to mention a little STRIKE going on that has forced the closure of eleven GM plants, since September 2007, so far. This adds people daily to the unemployment rolls, simply because of labor unions trying to help the Democrat Party to win elections. And you know damn well that the Democrats will return that favor because they are murderers of accomplishment. They feed on the intelligence of the achievers. They worship misery.

Any person that owns a business will be forced to accept the blackmail proposed by labor in order to have a single person to work the jobs. It is suicide and I will not participate.

AND not only that, but three thousand six hundred workers represented by the United Auto Workers at five American Axle plants in Michigan and New York went on strike early Tuesday, mainly over a wage dispute. No negotiations are scheduled and each side says it awaits a call from the other to return to the bargaining table.

More plants will close because of this action, but they do not care. They want what they want, when they want it. These workers that were unable to open that factory by themselves will force that factory to fold. Their actions are forcing the economy into a tailspin because they want the party of the bums and idiots to get elected. The party of redistribution. The party of slavery and death of the mind.

People, we are getting played by the media and the labor unions, so they can continue to point at the Republicans and claim that the right is causing all of the problems. And the sheeple will believe the media. And Republicans are too damn stupid to realize that the very reason they got elected in 1994 was because they were promising to relieve the suffering caused by government oppression, they failed because they are cowards. They want the deadbeats to like them. That makes them idiots.

One tidbit to you morons on the Left. While you may think that you have the right to the factory owner's limosine, there is still someone under you that thinks JUST like you and that they have a claim to your satelite dish. Your hatred of the person that has accomplished more than you could ever achieve, is equaled by that rotter beneath even you that cannot achieve what you can. And the need of that man trumps yours in your carrion eating mentality. And you are too stupid to see the end of your mindless game. That is because you ride, instead of push. The level of achievement that you have reached has been BECAUSE of the factory owner. The labor unions are taking from you and the elite in those unions are getting rich on your flesh. Open your eyes.

Your very philosophy rewards evil behavior and punishes the just.

Let the Left have the reins, folks. I REFUSE to vote for John McCain. Period. He is not who I want to get elected, it is simply more incrementalism. True, he does not suck as bad as the fascist Democrat Party's idiot candidates. True, he will be better for our military. Dunno if he will close our damn borders to the looters that are coming from Mexico. I just see that if McCain gets elected, it WILL slow the movement toward all out socialism and slavery of the producers, but it will not stop it. We, the producers will be made to suffer for a LONGER time. It will simply slow the death spiral for a short time. It will simply make the inevitable loom on the horizon for a longer time and force the people that actually keep this country from completely failing to become forced laborers for people that do not achieve anything.

I refuse to play along. I refuse.

The country wants all of my money? Come get it. The "public" thinks that they have a claim to what I have to offer? Shit, bring your gun and take my stuff, because that is exactly what it is. You are robbing me. You are taking my possessions from me against my will to keep or sell to the highest bidder. And the only bid that moocher offers is one of continual suffering. You give them my television, they will want my DVD player, too. I will not resist your voilent agression, but I will not produce for you. Yes, I will work, but I will take just enough for me to survive, I will not allow you to remove from me my right to live my life as I see fit. i will offer nothing to you except to exist by your rules.

And I will NEVER allow you to forget it. With every plant closure, I will laugh because you got exactly what you asked for. For every person that is starving, it is your fault, you made it happen. For every child that can no longer read and determine the difference between right and wrong, it is you that is to blame, you killed his desire to accomplish with your giveaway programs. For every old woman that freezes to death because she cannot afford heating oil, her blood is on your hands, because you did not possess the intelligence to know what the guaranteed outcome of your policies were. And that outcome IS guaranteed, look to the past, looter.

And the even more fun part will come when you finally are starving, you have reverted to absolute caveman behavior and still you will claim that your ideas are good, it is just that no one will make the sacrifice necessary to make your idiotic ideas work. And the only people that could have ever saved your miserable ass were punished for being your savior.

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