Monday, March 17, 2008

John Sidney McCain III

I have been harping so much on THE MAGIC NEGRO, that I have forgotten completely that I have to vote for someone other than THE MAGIC NEGRO. I think that I am going to have to type "The Magic Negro" five hundred times before it is no longer funny to me. Naw, it will be more than that.


John Sidney McCain III was born at Coco Solo Naval Air Station in what was then the United States controlled Panama Canal. Thanks to a President that is STILL to the conservative side of The Magic Negro, we no longer control the Panama Canal, the Chinese do. Yes, Jimmy Carter is FAR to the right of The Magic Negro. The Magic Negro. The Magic Negro, damn, I gotta stop that.

McCain didn't do so hot at the Naval Academy, finishing 894 out of 899, because of disciplinary problems. He STILL had better grades than Al Gore, but that is NOT a compliment. He also boxed and wrestled. Methinks that he just liked beating the shit outta people. That sounds good to me, maybe he will not allow the United States of America to be the world's whipping boy, much unlike The Magic Negro.

McCain's stint in the Navy was as an aircraft carrier pilot. He was involved in two crashes and hit some power lines on another occasion. It other words, he was then, what he is now. I think that we can expect him to be a "take control" type of President that will not be swayed by a bunch of nancy-boys in Congress.

McCain was captured while attempting his twenty-second bombing run that was micro-managed by the Democrats in Washington. John McCain was captured and tortured because of Lyndon Baines Johnson's complete lack of comprehension of anything other than destroying this country with his racist ideas and attempts to turn us toward socialism.

In 1968, McCain's father was appointed as commander of all U.S. forces in the Vietnam theater and the Vietnamese offered to let Junior go. Junior refused unless they released all the prisoners that were captured before him. That tells me John McCain III has a streak of integrity that Barry Obama has never witnessed. McCain was imprisoned from October 26, 1967 until March 15, 1973. The whole time that McCain was imprisoned, Barry Obama was living the Far-Left lifestyle in Indonesia with his radical America hating mother and her second Muslim husband.

After being released, McCain eventually became the Naval liaison to Congress in 1977, while Barry Obama was attending high school in Honolulu and smoking weed, snorting cocaine, and drinking with his Black Nationalist buddy and future drug dealer, Keith "Ray" Kakugawa, with whom he still has contact. Also, the accounts that Barry gives about their relationship seem to be kinda BULLSHIT. But, the whole time that Barry was drugging and lying, McCain was Naval Liaison to Congress.

When McCain decided to run for office, he was accused of pulling a Hillary Clinton and moving to an area just to get elected there. His response was that he was from a naval family and the place that he had lived the longest in his entire life was Hanoi. I bet that shut his critics up really damn quick.

The most touching story that I have ever heard about any politician ever, involves John and his wife Cindy. In 1991, Cindy McCain returned to the States from a Bangladeshi orphanage run by Mother Teresa with a little girl that required medical attention. The McCains adopted her and named her "Bridget." Barry Obama, at that time, was working as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago and trying to build his street cred to become a lawyer that specialized in discrimination and racism cases. Barry has been hating on whitey for his entire life.

McCain's politics in Congress leave an awful lot to be desired. He is one of the two Republicans that voted against the tax cuts in 2001. Strike one, John. He is also a promoter of big federal spending programs and is against free speech, but at the same time, Barry Obama is for spending a bunch of damn money on Africa, money that will never be repaid or have any benefit to our country, ever.

On the plus side, McCain is for strict Constitutionalist judges. The benefits of this policy are too numerous to mention. If by chance, the American people wake up and realize that Democrats controlling Congress have destroyed the economy in less than two years, maybe we can actually repopulate Congress with smart people and with McCain as President start getting rid of the unconstitutional stuff that has stifled our country for so long. Maybe, if the Supremes were really constitutionalists, we could get rid of all federal school bureaus and education loans, Social Security, all science and medical agencies, and all the various welfare give-aways, but I am just getting myself excited for no damn reason.

On the other hand, if we elect Barry Obama or Hillary Clinton, we can continue the death spiral right into the abyss that plagues all the other countries that suffer with government controlled healthcare, oppressive legislation and taxation.

Please take the time to vote for John Sidney McCain III. He has a middle name that you can utter without being racist!


Skunkfeathers said...

LOL...ah, you've been listening to song parodies on Rush Limbaugh ;)

It's really simple: vote to defend the country, or vote to begin the socialist dismantlement of it. A vote for McCain is the former; a vote for the other two idjits is obviously the latter.

MUD said...

John McCain was on the deck of one of the aircraft carriers and a deck hand put a mobile starter cart too near one of the missiles and set it off. It shot into McCain's plane and he was damn lucky to escape alive.
While I don't love everything about him, he is so much better than the Dems that it is not funny. MUD

Paul Mitchell said...

Skunkfeathers, I haven't listened to Rush since his program became forty-five minutes of commercials per hour. Probably fifteen years or more ago. Is Paul Shanklin still doing parodies on the program?

MUD, I read about that, too. It was amazing, but accidents certainly have to happen when there are a bunch of bombs and twenty-somethings around. I am NOT loving him either, but there is simply no choice in the election this year for people that work or have worked.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link. I noted over at the comments on my blog re: your post (and I added that you linked to it - again, thank you) that I first heard the term Magic Negro on Limbaughs program when he was quoting Sharpton.