Saturday, March 01, 2008

Obama is a Kenyan, But Not Really or IS He?

Much has been said in the New York Times about the legality of John Sidney McCain III being able to assume the Presidency of the United States because he was not actually born in this country. What the Democrats want you to believe is there is a legitimate problem created by his being born in the Panama Canal zone on a United States military installation. His father was active-duty Navy and was sent to the canal zone by the United States government. There is no problem at all with McCain's bid. The one glaring thing that they overlook is that Barry Obama is not the offspring of American citizens. Let's look at the real problem.

Barry's father was Kenyan. Was he even legally in this country? He was NEVER a citizen. Did Ann Dunham become a citizen of Kenya when she married the Kenyan? Granted, it has become law of the land that if two criminals make it into this country and spawn, their offspring by right becomes a ward of the Fed. Yes, a ward of the Fed because from that point on, we pick up the tab for everything that child needs.

This comes from the basic premise that two negatives equal a positive. In math, that's great, but in this social experiment we call the United States, is that right? Two criminals make a legal citizen? Folks, that is crazy.

I have it from a pretty good source that Ann Dunham, Barry's white mother, renounced her citizenship. She married her second foreign student, Lolo Soetoro, in 1967 and moved to Indonesia. Did Barry's mother ever become legal after her return to the states? Is Barry actually Indonesian? This is actually a REAL citizenship problem for a Presidential candidate, can a person who is born an American citizen, renounce their citizenship, become a citizen of another country, and then become a "NATURAL BORN CITIZEN" again? It seems farfetched to me.

I think that we need to actually challenge Barry's candidacy and eligibility to run for President. It seems that our government is just going to look the other way as an attempt to gain more power over our lives.

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UPDATE: You know, I THOUGHT that most people could make the assumption that this post was written in response to the idiotic drivel by the New York Times about McCains' eligibility. I was wrong. This is pointing out the stupidity of the lies printed by the Times. And it is lying stupidity.


arevolutionofone said...

Are you joking us with this here buddy? It would be an interesting argument except for a couple-a things.

1. Arguments make sense.
2. Holes you could drive a bus, make that an airbus, through.

First question I got for you is what's your source for the allegation that Ann Dunham renounced her citizenship? Is it one a them "unnamed sources" you've got to protect, just like real news folk have?

Second, marrying someone from another country would not mean you were no longer an American. Ever heard of dual-citizenship?

Third, just how would Ann's renouncing of her citizenship, after Barack Obama is born and moving to Indonesia affect his citizenship? He was already born a citizen and was a minor.

Just an FYI, children born of parents who come here undocumented are citizens because regardless of what their parents did, they did not come here illegally. Since when do we punish children for what their parents did? The purpose is to afford children, who are innocent and born on our soil, the protections of our constitution and laws.

Or am I wasting my time here expecting most bloggers, some of us do, but very many don't, to make sense?

Paul Mitchell said...

Yes, I am joking. That SHOULD be obvious.

1. Thank you. I do realize that my argument makes sense. The same amount of sense that the New York Times article made.

2. There are no holes because this is satire.

My source is the exact same as the New York Times source that said McCain's staffers tried to talk to him about his lobbyist problem.

There is no such thing as dual-citizenship for a citizen of the United States. That is the law, sir and also a fact.

If his mother renounced her citizenship, she would do so for her minor child, that is the law, sir and also a fact.

I do understand the point of your argument about children born here, it is in my post, sir. Read it again.

And finally, my post makes the exact same amount of sense as the New York Times opinion piece on John McCain's eligibility for the Presidency. Push aside what appears to be your glaring political bias and look at facts.

novae said...

Little did you know that this would turn into an internet phenomena that right wingnuts are STILL frothing about today! It's amazing and horrifying how paranoid and gullible they are.

Paul Mitchell said...

Novae, I wrote this post quite some time ago. It's been over a year. Does it concern you that Barry is now president and still fighting IN COURT against releasing his birth certificate? Does it concern you that he has spent over 800k fighting the simple release of a document that most folks have to release to go to college? Just saying.

novae said...

Wow, you said it was satire on your previous post, so I assumed it was. A bit off-color, but great satire none the less. The fact that you really believe it makes it even more hilarious!

Seriously dude, thanks for the entertainment.

Paul Mitchell said...

Now I get it, novae, you are one of those intellectually incurious types. That's fine.

Our new president has already broken every single campaign promise he made, surrounded himself with criminals to lead our country, and hastened the Democrats War on the Economy. You should be very happy.