Thursday, March 27, 2008

Okay, I am Curious

Remember just a few weeks ago, all we could talk about was how friggin' wonderful Barry Obama's healthcare plan was and that was the biggest thing facing our country? Is it just me, or has that debate completely left the front page of the campaign news?

Please try to remember, almost 45% of our country's population is already covered with some type of taxpayer paid healthcare. So honestly we are talking about trying to cover the additional 55%, 48% of those already have personal medical insurance, so we are really only talking about starting a new government subsidized program, paid for by the taxpayers to FORCE all Americans to participate in a program designed solely for 8% of the country's population. Boy, this is a great deal.

The more that I think about this idea, the more that I know this push is coming from one place, the labor unions. You see, labor unions do not do anything that is positive for the economy. They promote one simple idea, less worker production for more money.

Labor unions have forced most manufacturing jobs from our country because those facilities MUST make a profit and paying someone over seventeen dollars an hour to wrap tape around a bundle of wires is cost prohibitive. Therefore, those jobs have been exported reducing the income of labor unions. Those labor "bosses" have to be able to bring in tons of money to bribe Democrat officials. Yes, labor only bribes Democrats. So, therefore, Democrats have brought the healthcare "crisis" to the forefront. Now, that the debate is basically over, it is assumed that we will be shackled with that program, must to the chagrin of intelligent people that must foot the bill.

In Mississippi, we are currently embroiled in a political mess where all of the Democrat Party leaders and moneymen are headed to jail for bribing and taking bribes. And the state legislature is taking up the debate of increasing taxes on cigarettes to pay for the additional medical expenses cigarettes caused the Medicare program to absorb. Story HERE.

Please keep in mind that our country rewards failure and punishes success. Increase taxes on cigarettes to pay for medical cost increases suffered in the Medicaid program caused by smoking related illness? Uh, does anyone other than me see the nature of this ridiculous debate?

People that are on Medicaid are supposedly poor people. Poor people should not spend what little money they have on luxury items like cigarettes or drugs. If my son spent his entire allowance on porn, I would cease to give him an allowance. I would not reward his bad behavior. If people that are on Medicaid waste their money on cigarettes instead of getting off the taxpayers back, cut out the reward for that behavior. Kick people suffering from smoking related illnesses off of my back.

Just because you are stupid and hold stupid ideas dear to your heart, doesn't mean you have to always be stupid. You can "hopechange."

UPDATE: What I meant about all the Democrats getting busted and going to jail involves one of Hillary Clinton's backers here in Mississippi, one Dickie Scruggs, oh he of suing tobacco company fame. Yes, he and his other Democrat friends tried to bribe a Democrat judge who they obviously didn't offer enough money to, because he rolled over on those good old boys. THIS just in about Barry's peoples. The governor of Puerto Rico is a crook as well as a Barry superdelegate. Couple these items with the governor of New York, squared, it seems that every single Democrat is a criminal, but then again, you and I already knew that. (Hat-Tip: The Jawa Report)

Oh, just so you know, Barry is already talking about raising the capital gains taxrate to twenty-eight percent. Boy, this guy hates the middle class and working families. Hooray for the bloodthirsty Democrat Party, y'all can't stand a single person to have a damn thing. Bastards.

Maybe by the time the election rolls around, there will be no more Democrats that are not in jail or on trial. We can always HOPE.

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Skunkfeathers said...

The Democraps have done a fair job of instilling an "entitlement" mentality among a dumbed-down portion of the population. It'll be a hard, couple generations-long job to get rid of such a mentality.

As for labor unions...ship the bastards off to North Korea, since they share the same "central control" philosophy.

Paul Mitchell said...

What do you suggest to break the cycle, Skunkster? Public flogging? Will that work?