Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Uh, 'Member These?

This post is specifically geared for Sultan. Sultan and I lived together for one semester at State at the worst apartment complex in Starkville. No lie. But for that one semester, I played more video games than I have in my entire life. I even bought Madden for my computer and got hooked. I finally had to stop completely or lose what little bit of sanity that I still maintain by some miraculously tenuous grasp.

This is a twelve and a half minute video of the NES Power Glove. Language is somewhat harsh, but I literally had tears rolling down my face from watching. No, I never owned an NES, the closest thing that I ever had was that little handheld football game thing with the red tickmark players and oddly enough, it still has the same 9 volt battery in it that it had when I was in the eighth grade. And I swear that it still works, too. Or at least it still did a couple of years ago, I'll try to find it. I think that one Duracell battery may be the answer to all of the country's power problems.

Dang, that is funny.