Monday, March 03, 2008

Universal Healthcare - An Alternative

We all know that in our country, the Left is trying to force us to give up more and more of our freedoms by forcing more and more government down our throats. Why can't the Right propose something that will actually reduce healthcare costs and improve the quality? You know that the only thing this stupid healthcare debate is about is money. Oh, and getting someone else to pay for what you use with their money.

Since I have pointed out how much more expensive nationalized healthcare is for people that produce, why can't McCain come out and say that the way he is going to reduce costs is by ridding medical facilities and research facilities of tax burden? Absolutely no tax on medicines, medical equipment, hospital stays, and the like will reduce costs quickly.

Then the next step would be to gradually remove the government restrictions on medical patents. Already it is damn near impossible to get a medical patent here.

Next, get rid of the damn National Institutes of Health. I really would like to see how much that 28% of research costs has bought us. I bet they haven't even accidentally made paint dry quicker. Begin to phase out the CDC, too. They released a report three or so years ago that said gunshots were an epidemic. Damn, that is dumb.

Government needs to get out of the medical business entirely and THAT would reduce costs and increase the quality of care instaneously. Or of course, we could just let those people that actually pay taxes pick up some more of the burden of the deadbeats. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. But, I'm getting really tired of being broke so someone else can eat T-bones.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Health care will simply be the next major screw up in a long list of social engineering screw ups by the libs, if Hildebeest or Obama get hold of the White House.