Friday, April 04, 2008

BIG LAW Screws the Little People

Here's a little Hurricane Katrina update. When the response to rebuild the coast and to provide shelter for every man, woman, and child was not instananeous, BIG LAW got involved. Yes, this is the same BIG LAW that has run the manufacturing jobs from our shores, sued entire towns and cities into bankrupcy, and basically has attempted to destroy the American Dream. People like John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, and Barry Obama. You know, the folks that say they are watching out for the little guy.

Yo, my peoples, they lie.

Since the insurance ccompanies have gotten the smelly end of the stick in all debates lately, concerning healthcare and repairing our Gulf Coast, I thought that you should be informed on exactly who ran the Katrina Litigation Group.

Richard "Dickie" Scruggs. A Democrat fundraiser that is headed to jail for judicial bribery. Of course, it was a Democrat judge that he attempted to bribe and the judge rolled over on him. My guess is that Dickie was too damn cheap to pay the judge what he was asking for, so the judge offered Dickie up. That is just my opinion.

Also, in Mississippi right now, most of the major money players of the Democrat party are headed to jail from the fallout of that very bribery case. And the poor guys on the coast that entered into the class action suit against State Farm are again the victims, screwed by nothing but Democrats and BIG LAW.

Not only all of that above crap, but the way that BIG LAW got the "evidence" for even bringing their lawsuit was ILLEGAL.

So, just remember who it was that screwed the true victims of Hurricane Katrina's wrath. Democrats and trial lawyers.

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