Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In The United States Without Federally Mandated Public Education

....we obviously wouldn't have these three candidates for President. I just opined, with my logically restricted thinking processes, what are the various outcomes of the election of one of the three losers from which we can choose this November?

Barry Obama: Obviously we would have a decidedly diminished capacity to deal with the Muslims. We would be saddled with exploding unemployment because of the swift departure of many businesses to a more friendly climate. And a startling reduction in military enlistments and reenlistments.

Hillary Clinton: More of the Clintons and their sleaze. 'Nuff said?

John McCain: Who can even imagine?

Well, I can honestly say that fear of the unknown would get my vote.

Your scenarios?


Anonymous said...

What is the point? This country is falling apart and nobody cares. whoever we elect won't matter, the schmucks on wall street will still screw over this country...the free market (I believe in it) indeed. But it must be said that the "free market" is not compatible with the nation state. If you had a weapon to sell, all buyers are equal whether they be the Pentagon or Al Queda according to the "free market" ideology. In a free market the only loyalty is to ROI, return on investment and nothing else.

Our pentagon gave a military contract to Airbus, Airbus...a Pan European corporation, gee I wonder should a tax payer funded gov't agency support as many AMERICAN jobs as possible...just a thought. And now senators want to outsource our weapons development. The free market is an ass, other countries care about their people but we don't. What other country has dismantled their manufacturing capability??? We make nothing worthwhile, we may design it but we don't make it. Making something has more jobs then just designing it.

This country is over, thanks to the free market ideology. I like the "free market" but it is not compatible with a nation state because in a nation state you must care about your people first and everybody else second..the opposite from a free market perspective which treats all players as equal regardless of origin.

My scenario is this, no matter who is elected this country is finished...we just don't know it yet because we're still running on fumes, our engine doesn't know the tank is empty. You can see signs like the inability to control borders, easy citizenship (pregnant aliens can have citizen children!!! what a joke), thug felons being let into the military, a large divide between rich and poor (partly because of our open borders have suppressed the wages of the bottom end of the scale), the budget deficits around the country(it seems every gov't worker must be paid like those in the private sector)...all things brought by the "free market."

The best place to be is in a gated community with an AR-15, because this thing is falling apart.


Paul Mitchell said...

Oh, Roderick, there have been many, many times in the past that I felt the same way that you do, 1996 comes to mind when Bill Clinton won yet again.

We will be okay as a country, the climb out of the cesspool will just be longer, that is all.

One thing about the money, just think what the economy could do if we did away with minimum wage. Illegal immigration would cease to be a problem, too.

Have faith young daddy. There are plenty more folks that think just like you do.

And thanks for reading and commenting.

Anonymous said...

We are not going to be okay as a country, the elite of this country don't believe in countries. If corners of this country become dominated by a particular ethnic group, that part of the country will secede from the union. That is the coarse of human history, groups when they equal in numbers do not get along with each other. This is primarily because of group differences, scary a topic we can't mean groups differ on average, that can't be we are all humans we are all the same..what UC Berkeley is 40% Asian? and If we just went off of Test scores and gpa it would be easily >80% Asian.

That is why this is going to be a problem, if groups have different performances then the cause has to be "discrimination" since group differences don't exist (by the way have you ever seen a person who does not have West African ancestry run 100M less than 10 seconds??)

A country should be dominated by a particular group, otherwise it will eventually cease to exist...see what happend to Kosovo in Serbia, this could happen to Arizona and Texas in the US if the ethnic balance looks nothing like the rest of the country. If I were Mexican American (self identified), why should I be subservient to a remote a white dominated federal government because they are not "my people" because if they were my people I wouldn't call my self Mexican American.

The illegal alien problem won't be fixed because of nine black robed schmucks decided that an amendment meant for ex-slaves applies to everybody. So no matter the status of your parents if your born here you are a citizen.

It's not that I am losing faith, I know too much about human nature to keep the charade up. We are heading to a trough in our history, all countries go there...we go too far and then there is a backlash. You can only push a country too far before some of the people stop giving a damn. For example, my sister was telling me how she couldn't find a appropriate swimming suit for my daughter at Baby's R see all the baby suits were two piece, with TIGER STRIPES?? My mom's reaction was they sell what ever they want now a a days, no that is not true I thought they sell what we allow them to sell.

If enough ppl gave a shit we would march on that store in mass and tell the manager that it would be a good idea to stop making little girls look like whores. Leaving the consequence up to his/her imagination what would happen next if they continued to sell such garbage. That is what we are lacking, and when we get this back then I know we are in the trough of our history because ppl will start enforcing standards and decency. We are not there yet, but they keep pushing and pushing and pushing...when the backlash comes it definitely won't be PC.

We will survive as a country but not in it's present form until ppl (our dominant group) stop being afraid or ashamed of what they are and let the chips fall where they may. Multi-racial countries will never survive because groups differ on average and the elite group will always be a target of the "disadvantaged" groups since they don't perform on the same level. But like I said that is a topic we are not allowed to discuss. We are fortunate because our largest group is the market dominant group...look at what happens in other countries when a minority is the market dominant group, not very good indication for the future of this country when our market dominant group also becomes a minority group because their success will only be explained in terms of discrimination since all groups are the "same."

"Equal before God, not equal in every way."


Paul Mitchell said...

Wait, Rod, are you saying that the majority of country, whites, should begin to show a backbone and demand certain things from the minorities?

And aren't you black and married to an Asian? And if this is the Roderick that I think it is, can I post this comment as an article and give you credit?

Arcticman Speaks! said...

I've been out enjoying the 33 degree weather while riding my Harley. You've got to get it while you can in the arctic. Once my driveway started to thaw I lost all track of time, and we've got LOTS of daylight. It's less than two months from summer solstice! I've been reading your thoughts. I always find time while I'm at work for that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah its me, how many Rodericks do you know.

To answer your question yes I just hope they do it before they lose their majority status. It would be more civilized when the majority group is still comfortable. I wouldn't say demand certain things I would say expect the same standard of behavior as everyone else. Of course that means it would be rooted in culture that founded the country (people of the British Isles) but so what if you don't like it you can leave and remember a large portion of white people in the country are not descended from the British so if they don't feel any shame why should anyone else. And no more turning a blind eye to cultural bullshit, if something is preventing a specific group from succeeding then that something must be comes to mind, not that all of it is bad some is quite good but the medium has been hijacked so it must be destroyed. Everyone follows the same standard, and if there are group differences then so what. You know what is going to be on the test just study for it.

By the way I shouldn't have said Asian, when "Asian" people reach a critical mass they begin to divide amongst themselves..they become Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Pakistani, etc...where I live they have their own hangout spots (night/hostess clubs) where other members of the "Asian" group aren't entirely welcomed. This segregation not uniform but I see it often. This could be because of the high recent immigration of the above groups.

Feel free to quote me in any article you write. There are many people like me but they are afraid of being called a traitor/sellout/Uncle Ruckus/etc... for daring to want uniform standards of conduct.


Skunkfeathers said...

However pathetic the line up, it'll be worse if either of the two Democrap liberals win, period, end of story.

Paul Mitchell said...

Rod, you wouldn't believe this, but I have two Roderic(k)s in my phone. I don't have your number so that gives me at least three that I know. Ha, and you thought you were special.....

Thanks for the young Black, married to an Asian, and living in California perspective. And I will post this comment thread at some point in the near future.

Skunky, I know in my bones that it will, but I just can't say how much different it will be. McCain works better across the aisle than the two sleazeballs from the other party. That is scary, too.

Al said...

It's important to "get things done," after all.

Paul Mitchell said...

What things and what are we supposed to do to them, Al?