Thursday, April 03, 2008

Okay, I Lied

Sometimes things just continue to nag at me until I have to check into them. Such is the case, years ago, when I simply had to understand the institutionalized racism and sexism that is the Democrat Party. Yes, the Democrats have always been the party of racism, lynching, and killing economic success. Yes, the Democrats are overwhelming the party of very wealthy social liberals that want to be the only wealthy people and keep all others from moving into their tax bracket. Yes, Democrats have always been the party of keeping the populace uneducated and therefore under their control. Why are our schools failing? Because the Democrats want them to.

Why are there still poor people in this country? Because the Demmocrats have to have people to vote for them.

I am tired of that for all the uneducated, poor morons that interpret the Democrat's racism, greed, and dishonesty as something other than what it is. Much has been said about Hillary Clinton's lies about the sniper fire at the airport in Bosnia. Good Lord, if you are just NOW coming to the conclusion that the Clintons are the biggest set of liars since Pinnochio, you are a moron. They spent eight solid years in the White House spreading more manure than has ever been seen. Yes, and many more years before that trying to find ways to lie, cheat, and steal power from those that held it, by pandering to the dumb, disenfranchised, and downtrodden. They are both pathological. Puh-leeeze.

The only reason Hillary's lying has become an issue during this campaign is because Obama better adheres to the socialism/fascism that the Democrat Party pushes. That is the only reason at all that Hillary has been flung under the bus. The Democrats will do anything, and I do mean anything, to get an avowed socialist in the White House while they hold the Congress. Do not even think there is another reason. There isn't. And this scenario places the gun firmly upon your temple.

From the founding of the party in 1824 until today, Democrats have tried to oppress the citizens of this country and to enslave the population. Democrats hate this country and the very tenets behind the establishment of this country. They epitomize sleaze, hate, and death. Yes, they want to KILL all people that do not flinch when Democrats are near. They want to kill anyone that tries to succeed for the sake of success and esteem.

Obama continues that tradition. Hillary actually doesn't because she will float in whatever direction the winds blow her simply to resume the Clinton whorefest. She has no beliefs past the minute, while Barry Obama has core beliefs that run so far astray of our country's that they are in different timezones. He is a true believer.

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright is a racist pig. The people that attend Obama's church are racist pigs and hate our country. Obama attends that church because he is exactly like that too. This situation was so untenable for the "movement" that Wright stepped down from his position at the church, took a 1.6 million dollar home as payment for his lockstep actions with this racism and moved on. The church brought in Reverend Otis Moss III to replace Wright.

Do you think that Moss is any different that Wright? If you do, you are stupid. I linked the church site, videos of Moss, and mission statements from the church on April 1 of this year just so you could see what is up with Obama's "devout Christianity." From my readings of the Bible, it is wrong to hate anyone for anything. "Love the sinner, hate the sin" you know. Read those links and tell me if that church follows the very basic tenets of Christianity. Go ahead, educate yourself.

Check out the new pastor and see if anything has changed other than the racist at the front of the church just getting younger and more militant in his hatred. Read their interpretation of Scripture and tell me how it applies in your life. if you are anything other than Black, it doesn't. The whole church is built on the "Principles of Blackness."

Otis Moss III is the son of Otis Moss Jr, one of the key players at Ebeneezer and now the Senior Pastor of Olivet Institutional Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Daddy Moss was one of the founders along with Jesse Jackson of the PUSH Coalition. He was one of the more extremist members of Dr. King's inner circle. One of the ones that possessed the vengeance for oppression that was minor in his life. His son was raised with that overwhelming hatred from day one.

The Civil Rights movement of the 1950's and 1960's is dead people. It has evolved from being a movement of equality to one of retribution and supremacy. Check the players, they do not possess the mentality or integrity of the people that conceived equal rights for all people; the new leaders are bigoted in their very souls. Al Sharpton springs to mind.

Continue to ignore Barry Obama's true intentions for as long as you like. When he is President, it will no longer be possible to do so. If you are of any race other than Black, you will be crucified on the altar of "diversity" and if you are anything other than a milquetoast, you will be crucified on the altar of collectivism.

Choose your poison, but do it with full knowledge of what you are doing, because you have been told, more than once.

I am really trying not to post about this. Really.