Monday, April 28, 2008

Really Sick of the Political Process

Oh, Jeremiah Wright opened his piehole? Please can we talk about that for the next five days? Wright is the same as Al Sharpton (or any other race-baiting moron) and is completely irrelevant to this election. There is something that is much more important, it's the philosophy behind his lunacy.

What I want to talk about is the fact that there are morons in this country that actually think that our sitting President is guilty of war crimes. That belief must come from somewhere because those that actually believe that are not capable of rational thought, they are morons. Does that tell you anything about the state of our educational system under Federal Government rule? It should. There are folks that compare this President's administration to the one of Nazi Germany. Those people are crazy and dangerous to our freedoms.

Let's get a grip here. The solutions are really simple, but they require effort on the part of all of us that just want to live our lives the best we know how, and want the Fed to offer the ONE thing that it was even created to accomplish.

I believe that the ONE thing the Fed is for is to offer protection to the citizens, backed by, YES! our tax money. That protection is offered in the form of border protection, military protection, and guarantees of equal opportunity for all in this country. The Jeremiah Wright contingent believes that there are other things that the Fed should do and those include putting money in the pockets of those that do not have it and do not want to earn it. And of course that money has to come from those of us that do earn it. Therein lies the rub.

This is not a Black/White issue, it is an issue of mentality (or lack thereof) and philosophy (or lack thereof). Race is not a factor to those of us that actually use our brains for something other than keeping our skull from collapsing from the vacuum within.

The people that have jobs, or responsibilites that require our attention, do not have the time to oversee all of the places that have the capacity to impact the thought processes of the population. (Think "Superdelegate!") But, we must make that effort, there is too much at stake and unless we are willing to live in FASCIST ITALY, we desperately need to get involved.

John McCain penned and then helped pass the KEY to returning to the very roots of our Republic, but most people overlook that. With McCain/Feingold, we can harness, shackle, and ballgag the idiots on the Left that hate, hate, hate our guiding principles, but we have to be determined to do the right thing according to the law.

The freedom loving bunch doesn't have a candidate this cycle, but we must be willing to adopt the incrementalism ploy that has derailed our Constitution. We must dig in for the long haul and make the strides to return to our former greatness. Our grandkids might be the ones that benefit from our efforts, but we love our grandkids, don't we? Make the effort, teach a moron the error of their ways.

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UPDATE: THIS is what I mean by seriously unhinged moron. I think that a good beatdown should be administered to this pointy-headed blithering moron. Good Lord, how offensive can one person be? This guy makes Andrew Dice Clay look like Mother Teresa and Ghandi rolled into one big ball of love. (Hat-Tip: Jawa Report)


Anonymous said...

Stop using the terminology "equal opportunity" because people still take the constitution (like the bible) too the passage "All Men Are Created Equal..." which is not true, we are not all geniuses or have the ability to play linebacker like Chuck Bednarik (the guy who knocked the life out of Frank Gifford, he had it coming for the way he treated Kathy Lee).

You see, people confuse equal opportunity with equal results and when there are not equal results then it must be discrimination because accepting that groups of people differ on average is verboten right now. So I would suggest using the term "opportunity access" because that requires the person to take initiative to take advantage of the opportunity that is made available to them....think brand new public library or nearby community college.


Paul Mitchell said...

In my world, you should take the Constitution in the literal sense, Roderick. As far as intelligence is concerned, I know that you can learn anything unless you have a handicap that prohibits that.

In case you don't remember Chuck playing (neither do I), Bednarik played both sides of the ball and called Deion Sanders a "pantywaist" because cornerback and receiver were sissy positions. That was the damn best thing that I heard in a long time.

And no, we can't all play linebacker, but there is no reason why every single male cannot play football. The opportunity is always there, Rudy.

Paul Mitchell said...

The Federal government being involved in education other than assigning sixteeth section land for a local school is patently unconstitutional. The only reason they got involved is to make a power grab and because the urban school system is a complete and utter failure with the morons that are elected in the cities. Think Obama. "Hopey-Change."

I do think that all people can do anything well if the person decides to do it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is my point exactly...and you said it but don't realize it: "...if the person decides to do it."

Yes if the person "decides" because with the diversity of human beings we don't always decide to do the same things. Some of us decide to do well at school and some of us decide to do well at other activities. It is that choice that results in human differences. For example the NFL is currently dominated by African American players, this has nothing to do with genetics specifically but simply related to the fact that many many African American males are deciding to put an emphasis on playing sports. Not that they cannot do anything else but they are making a choice or decision where to spend a large amount of their time.

See choice is what causes any kind of human difference. Why the rich are rich and the poor are poor, choices made throughout their lives. If you choose to delay gratification, you can put your life in a place where you don't have to struggle daily...while if you choose not to delay gratification, then you put your life in a place where you struggle daily (for the sake of this argument I am ignoring those born rich or have trust funds). You can't have choice without diversity, which results in differences as a consequence of the many choices available and taken.

The urban schools need real help, the problem is not the schools it is the life situations many of those kids have to deal poor home environments (parents on drugs, parents dealing drugs, sexual and physical abuse, etc..) That is what must be fixed, you can have the best schools in the world but if the kid goes home to hell everyday then that school won't make a damn difference. To get the schools right I would build dormitories on site to house the kids (with strict discipline of course) a boarding school for the poor, because let's face it if anyone needs a boarding school it is the poor...there is usually a reason why someone is poor, somebody made a poor life decision which if your a kid it is your parent(s). So the gov't should atleast rectify this by having boarding schools for the kids from poor and dysfunctional homes because they need it.

I wouldn't mind paying higher taxes for this, this is the price I wouldn't mind paying for a civilized society where the most vulnerable (kids born to screwed up parents in dysfunctional neighborhoods) can be protected.


Paul Mitchell said...

It all boils down to philosophy if you look at it. Why do Oakland's schools suck? It is simply because of the mentality there, they do not focus on teaching, they focus on equality of outcome. The very mentality that is lauded by Obama. Elitist in every way, but those involved do not want to put forth the effort to accomplsih anything, they want it handed to them.

The thing is that I do not want the schools in Mississippi to be forced to follow the guidelines thought up by a bunch of folks from Boston or Chicago or Sacramento for that matter. The Fed should get out of the teaching business entirely, they suck at it.

Be very careful what you wish for on the dormitories, the government is notoriously bad at deciding who is doing a good job raising their children. (Think Cindy Sheehan) And certainly, your beliefs do not fall into lockstep with the political beliefs of our nation's teachers, you would probably be the first to lose your child. She may hurt someone's feelings by excelling in math, that cannot be allowed by today's standards.