Friday, April 11, 2008

Thirteen Indisputable Facts

Today's list:

1. Short pants are far superior to long pants.
2. Tom Cruise likes the tubesteak.
3. Pork is better than any other meat or meat substitute.
4. Dogs are superior to cats in every way that is positive.
5. This is funny: What do you say to a moron with a 50 IQ? "Senator Obama, maybe you shouldn't eat that."
6. Baseball is the best sport.
7. Labor unions are bad for the job market.
8. The only way to bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan anytime soon without major repercussions, involves a nuclear warhead.
9. I have no problem with using the technique in number eight.
10. Cutting taxes increases revenue.
11. Southland Tales is the worst movie ever in the history of the world.
13. I left out number twelve.

Please take the time to add your own in the comments.