Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Universal Healthcare - Apples and Interplanetary Space Travel

Here, let me direct your gaze in the proper direction to frame this healthcare debate. First, shall we dispense with the term "healthcare?" What does this even mean? Does this mean "the care of your health?" If so, then I think that we can all agree that the term itself is stupid.

No, my deductive reasoning tells me that we are actually trying to discuss "medical services." Can we agree on that? Please do not point to "preventative health measures." Are you actually advocating that the government step in and tell me how much to exercise and what foods I should eat? I think that you can understand the overwhelming problem in that. I mean the problems other than the Preventative Healthcare Officer getting his/her/undecided's ass beaten to a mortal pulp every single time he/she/undecided tries to do his/her/undecided's job.

Now, you hear all kinds of comparisons between the medical services of these United States to say France or other pseudo-socialist countries around the world. Let's look at that comparison for more than one friggin' second. Here's France: population about 65 million; land mass about 260,000 square miles. Here's the US: population about 300 million; land mass about 3.8 million square miles. Do you see ANY relationship between the two? No, there is none. (France 250 people per square mile, US 79 people per square mile.)

"Uh, Two Dogs, what the Hell does that even matter?" Well, Punkin, that means that somehow we are going to have to place our Medical Ministers somewhere that offers services in a centrally located place or divide them all up to varying locales, increasing start-up costs exponentially. And then we will still have to provide transportation to the poor to even get to these places.

"But, Two Dogs, people can just go online to get those services." Punkin, really, you must have been in Remedial Classes for your entire life. Most people do not WANT to publish their medical history for all to see, and there are actually people that do not have access to the internet. Shit, there are some folks that don't even have an iPod, Punkin. I know that you do not believe me, but I promise, it is true.

Also, per capita income for the US is around 45,000 dollars per year. France is about 30k. Folks, there is ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NO COMPARISON BETWEEN OUR TWO COUNTRIES AT ALL, IN THE LEAST, CANNOT EVER BE, AND NEVER HAS BEEN.

In case you are wondering, the WHO Report comparing healthcare across the board for countries, doesn't ever even address these humongous, glaring, gianormous, overwhelming disparities between any of the countries. Also, from that very same WHO Report, our customer satisfaction is so far superior to all other countries there is absolutely no possible comparison.

Also, the figures that are glaringly absent are the BEFORE and AFTER calculations. This means, that again using France as an example, Pierre Leon' Monsieur paid "X" amount of dollars per year BEFORE the program started and he paid "X" amount of dollars AFTER. Wonder why we cannot have access to that information? I certainly would like to know that the wage earners in France paid 5% of annual income towards medical services before and now they pay 11%, wouldn't you? That means that the costs actually DOUBLED, you dumbass.

You know, I simply must admit that there has been an overwhelming dumbing down of our population regarding math and science. Why will our folks not even try to change that?

I want to go on record right this moment with the statement that people are basically stupid and government must justify the government's very existence. Please, attempt to use some type of rational thought before you cut off your nose to spite your face.

Yes, I am fully aware that I am preaching to the choir. I just gotta say these things once in a while. We now resume our typical droning white-noise on this blog.


JaaJoe said...

Did you see the Bunk study stating 2/3 of doctors in America want National Health Care. The doctors who did this study also conducted one in 2002 and found that the majority of doctors did not want national health care, the problem with this is that the 2 question surveys drastically differ in there 2nd question. I found this article, 60% of Physicians Surveyed Oppose Switching to a National Health Care Plan, It's worth a read