Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ready for a Beatdown?

I have said many times in the past that there is most definitely a right and a wrong response or answer in any situation. To this day, I have never encountered any circumstance that doesn't have the correct answer to the problem proposed.

That said, what is the proper response from the student that sits idly by and watches his hard work demolished by unhinged morons that are hellbent to destroy something that was legally erected?

A. Nothing, most students will notice that the vandal is completely dumb as a post and should be thinned from the herd.

B. Call campus security and watch them allow the vandalism to continue.

C. Take an iron bar and repeatedly and smartly whack the vandal and his goat-child girlfriend about his/her dense skull(s).

D. None of the above, you have a better answer that you are going to leave in the comments.

Please take the time to comment.

(Hat-Tip: Michelle Malkin)

UPDATE: Beating this kid smartly about the head has absolutely nothing to do with abortion, by the way. I have received a couple of nasty e-mails that show my point. People that are Pro-Abortion are some of the nastiest people ever to live. Advocating the killing of children obviously makes someone do stupid things. This video shows that a vandal was permitted by the lawdogs to continue tearing stuff up that was allowed by the university. This kid should have been beaten with a retractable baton on his shinbones and hauled off to the slammer. Not because he is Pro-Abortion, but because he destroyed this exhibit which again, was allowed by the university.


Anonymous said...


Some peole don't realize once you take away 'freedom of choice' we might as well become a 'Police state'.

I believe in freedom of choice, but personally don't believe in abortion for myself.

But if another woman chooses to abort, its her choice alone. She must live with that choice.

Paul Mitchell said...

I am not really sure how destroying something that was sanctioned by the university has anything to do with "freedom of choice."

This was just a bitter punk tearing stuff up while screaming that abortion is a "right" when is clearly not.