Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vote Me up a President - Part Something or Other

I am all but certain that I will not vote this November for President. I cannot in good faith pull the lever for John McCain, he is a terrible candidate/human and doesn't share my views about anything but continuing the War on Muslim Terrorism. I am about ninety percent certain right now that I shall abstain and let y'all have at it. Oh, you think that he will nominate Constitutionalists to the Supreme Court, where the Hell have you been for the last twelve years or so? He is John McCain, he doesn't fall anywhere in the same universe as a Constitutionalist. Think "McCain-Feingold." A patently unconstitutional law was penned, named after, and subsequently signed, because of HIM. I must admit that I will NEVER EVER adhere to the principles of that legislation because every single rational human being knows that it is unconstitutional, but believing that he would ever consider someone like Scalia for the court is insane.

That said, I am totally disgusted with the total lack of any driving force behind the Democrats and their candidates, other than sexism or racism. When you basically nominate two candidates that are running on the same ideals of division according to genetics and special interests, with the only difference between the two is that one is black and one is a woman, you have completely derailed any possibility of making a valid point on why your candidate should be elected. It is not about philosophy, it is about focus groups and physical differences.

So, since the Republicans have completely abandoned any sort of philosophy that makes them attractive to me, and the Democrats have completely embraced their racist and sexist roots full-tilt-boogie, to the glee of all of their party faithful, I have to bow out of this presidential election cycle. I know that my vote will not matter to anyone else, because it doesn't matter to me.

Know this, I love this country. I would lay down my life for the philosophical principles that this nation was founded upon, there are just no candidates that believe as I do. (Picture Barry fighting to protect your right to own a firearm. Oh, and flying.) It goes without saying that Hillary cares not one whit for our country, she ran for President simply to further her political ambitions and the sleazy Clinton "legacy." Barry is a fascist, he stands for everything that this country has fought against in world wars, in philosophy, and in Iraq. He is the nadir of our political candidates to date and will bring about the same economy that Jimmy Carter did. It is certainly not because he is black, it is because he is a contrarian to liberty and freedom. This is fact and you cannot dispute that simply with the knowledge that he is black, which by the way, is the only thing that separates him from Hillary. Well, and that whole vagina thing.

Lastly, I cannot support the further move to the left in the Republican Party, which is exactly what I would be doing if I voted for McCain. He is not a "maverick," he is a dumbass that has no clue where he stands on anything. He panders to the elitist national media like a whore and he loves that about himself. If he is elected, he will take that very point as approval of his ideas, or lack thereof, and I want not part of that.

Until I can see that there is a decided shift in our nation's desire to again embrace freedom and individuality, AND freedom from all these random pissed off little special interest groups, I am removing myself from the national political process. I am also removing myself from the national financial process, too. I am going to protect everything that I have earned in every way that I can legally find. If I can get paid in cash from all my clients, so be it, this is money that I have earned with my own mind and labor, it belongs to me, not some nameless, faceless mass of people that I do not know and do not care about. No, I do not care about the poor. They should care about themselves and do something about it. Screw those that refuse to do anything at all about their own success, let them starve, because I am sick to death of supporting them at the expense of my own family. There is a decided choice on who I care about and it is very simple to me.

I know that there will be some of my friends and family that try to convince me otherwise, but there is no chance of that happening. I know in my soul that Barry Obama is going to slaughter John McCain in the general election. Why? Well, the fact remains that in Mississippi, Obama received three times more votes in the primary than have ever voted in a general election before. How is that possible, you ask? One word, FRAUD. And since there are three times more Democrats than there are Republicans in this country, i honestly believe that he will win in a landslide of Reagan's proportions. Does that diminish Reagan's successes? Probably, it certainly doesn't help.

The Republicans nominated John McCain, folks. The ONE Republican that all conservatives hate. He never got the base of the party, because he hates the base of the party and we in turn, hate him. If you pull the lever for McCain, you are sacrificing your ideals for a political party, the very same as Democrats have always done. Is that right? Hell no. Bow out, win the party back from the idiots that fail to understand what true ideals are.

The Democrats are a lost cause and have been for quite some time, there is no way that they will ever again be relevant to thinking people, those people that work for their own support and for that of their own family. Democrats are like leeches and should be allowed to show that again, just like during the Carter era that netted Reagan's presidency. It only took four years then for everyone to come to the realization that the Democrats were idiots, let the new generation learn for themselves the hard lessons that our generation had to learn.

McCain is NOT that hard lesson, he continues the slide that began when we, the true intellectuals, threw Newt, and that revolution, under the bus. We, the adults, did it, now we must correct that mistake. There must, at some point, be a line that you are unwilling to cross. McCain is mine. When McCain is trounced, that might be really hard to overcome, but I hope that Barry does follow his heart (his mind is but a whistling vacuum) and attempt to enact the things that he truly F-E-E-L-S.

Look at this situation for what it actually is, it took only two years of Bill Clinton and his Democrat sleaze machine to give us a Republican CONSERVATIVE Congress. It might just take fours years of Obama to completely bury the Democrat Party and repudiate the hate that they have always embraced, like the Klan. But, whatever you do, take the time to really look at the candidates on your ballot for your local representatives. Find those that actually believe as you do and support them wholeheartedly. Make the difference begin at home, and then we shall move toward correcting the wrong direction of the national philosophy.

Let's hear what you have to say.


Skunkfeathers said...

I am still inclined to swallow hard and cast a wasted vote for McCain, painful as it might be.

But McCain has time to convince of the utility of voting for Pat Paulsen, instead ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm here pokin' around, seeing what you have to say, by way of MUD. You've got a lot to say. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

My husband agrees with you. I can see on the one hand how letting the Dems steer the ship of state would surely scare the spit out of everyone aboard in short order. But think back to the seventies when idiot Jimmy Carter messed things up so expertly. (If you weren't alive then, the prime rate hit 21.5% among other things.) I don't think he had the media covering up for him and spinning at the rate it is now. The media will somehow attribute anything and everything that goes wrong to the policies put in place by the Evil Republicans that went before. The media being about 87% Democrats, will make sure that their party is not held responsible in any way. Did you notice just this week, when another Congressman was caught doing something or other how much was made of the fact that they were indeed, REPUBLICAN? Compare that to the huge downfall of Eliot Spitzer last month. If you didn't know, you would have thought that being a member of the Democratic Party was something to be kept a secret at all costs. Excuse me, but I'm getting damned tired of all this shit. I have had it with a lot of these sorry Repubicans, too. If you can't be someone with decency and honor, then just don't run for office and stay the hell out of government. Our children have fewer and fewer people they can look up to. One thing about John McCain that I do like is that he wants to eliminate earmarks. I promise if you read the fine print in the federal budget proposals, your blood pressure will go up dangerously. To think these asshole have the nerve to spend that much of our money on things for themselves and their cronies makes me insane. They even have the gall to put their name all over whatever it is they build with our money. I wish we could throw almost all the bums out. I'm sure I don't know if starting with McCain is the thing to do, but I understand where you're coming from.