Friday, June 20, 2008

Barry Lies? You Gotta Be Shitting Me!

Up front, let me say this: I am glad that Dummy McDimbulb is NOT using public financing for his campaign. It's like the idiots are paying to buy their own destruction. Sweet stupidity, ahhhh, it smells like urine.

Barry sent this out today. I have unsubscribed over twenty times, banished this address to spam and still I get them. Barry owns the Bloggerweb, you know. As always, click the image to see it fullscream. (<--Ghetto-lingo)

Here's some of the comments:

Sandra from Tennessee:
"I'm on disability and can't afford to give much but I figure the $10 is worth it. This is the first time in a long time that even the ones who can't afford it are giving, and are excited about a candidate and excited about the process." (Ed note: She certainly can't afford it, she's on DISABILITY! That's MY friggin' money! Sandra, we, the working people of this great nation, owe you one helluva ass-whupping!)

Monica from South Carolina:
"The way that this primary and now this general election campaign have been funded truly gives the power to the citizens that are voting. This administration will owe the American people, not lobbyists and special interests groups." (Ed Note: Obviously Monica has traveled forward in time to AFTER the conventions because we have yet to get to the general election. Plus, Barry's administration will certainly pay you back, they'll just get that money from the people who have jobs. You know the people that DID NOT VOTE FOR BARRY!)

Mauve from Iowa:
"THIS is true public financing. Getting average Americans from all backgrounds and tax brackets to care enough and to believe enough and to hope enough to give what they can." (Ed Note; Holy shit! Your name is MAUVE? Where's your little sister, "Ecru" or "Loden?" And all of y'all can only CARE, BELIEVE, and HOPE, y'all certainly can't produce a damn thing.)

Tim from Texas:
"Today, for the first time in my life, I contributed to a political campaign. I did so because I have always believed that true power rests with the people, if only those people could be organized. We have the power to take back our country from the special interest groups. There are more of us and when we act together, we are the force that can dictate the direction our country will take." (Ed Note: Michelle quit logging on the interwebs as your alter-ego "Tim.")

Sultan from Mississippi:
"Barry, I got sand in my vagina!"

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