Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Uh, Okay, Wesley Mouch Up In 'Da House!

Please remember that I rarely watch television, but this Neil Cavuto dude seems to NOT have his head in his ass, I could be wrong. The beginning of the video shows Maurice Hinchey (Dumbass-NY) talking about, "Well, well, well, if Bush wants more production, the Democrats want nationalized refineries! There, we are stupid!" And he immediately holds his breath until he turns purple. Honestly it is the best example of Democrat "intelligence" that I have ever seen. Then we get to see that Malia Lazu obviously has two heads, because there is one plainly shown in this video and she has most definitely got her head up her ass.

We all know that Democrats are idiots, but this Malia-chick, what the Hell is she about? Holy S-H-I-T. This woman is truly an imbecile. I had to know more, so off I went to find out about Barry's love-child. What I found is not surprising at all.

The reason that she got involved in politics was to free Mumia. Is there anything left to say about this moron? Well, a little.

She was also involved in writing a "book" called, "How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office: The Anti-Politics, Un-Boring Guide to Power." Wonder what that little lovely tome talks about? Well, the excerpted thing is at Google Books, HERE.

Her contribution is printed in its entirety from pages 74 to 79. She literally proves step-by-step that she is an idiot and doesn't deserve to be working outside of the seasonally migrant farm hand arena. How in mortal Hell did she wind up on television without getting caught drunk and topless somewhere?

Have we as a country lost the capacity for rational thought at such an alarming rate that this moron has a place at the information distribution table? Malia, dear, just go back in the kitchen and sit with your little cousins, the grown-ups are talking.

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This video is everywhere now.