Wednesday, July 09, 2008

All Together Now, OBAMA LIES???? Naw!!!!!

From Stop the ACLU. Check their links out if you desire to become informed.

Dummy McDumbdoodle has once again PROVEN that when his mouth is moving, even to take a hit from the bong or to fellate some male crack whore in the back of a limo, he is lying. Yes, he is a far-left wingnut in ideology, but he votes the way that he is told to vote by his betters in the party establishment. "Boy, do what you are told."

Proof? Why certainly.

Shitweasel Idiocy Press Release from December 17, 2007: “Senator Obama unequivocally opposes giving retroactive immunity to telecommunications companies and has cosponsored Senator Dodd’s efforts to remove that provision from the FISA bill. Granting such immunity undermines the constitutional protections Americans trust the Congress to protect. Senator Obama supports a filibuster of this bill, and strongly urges others to do the same. It’s not clear whether he can return for the vote, but under the Senate rules, the side trying to end a filibuster must produce 60 votes to cut off debate. Whether he is present for the vote or not, Senator Obama will not be among those voting to end the filibuster.”

Shitweasel July 9, 2008: All in favor of immunity? Aye!

Please understand that I do not share the idea that this bill is bad, number one because I have not read it and neither has Barry. I would have voted for it no matter what because it is funny the way that the Nutroots are salivating over it. AND I do not care if someone taps my phone even if they do not get a warrant, because there is nothing that I am saying on the damn phone that is so damn personal that I want no one to hear it and I am not engaging in criminal behavior for which I could get arrested, like the Left is obviously. Granted, I don't like that fact that there are ways to listen in on calls, but if them listening to my phone calls leads to the death of a Muslim, I am certainly cool with that. And for some weird reason, I seem to remember something about a Democrat operative following Republicans around with a scanner and taping their cell calls.

Come to think of it, there are no conversations that I have in my entire life that I would be afraid of someone hearing. Maybe if they didn't like the redneck cussing, but even the pillow talk between Bean and me is cute, just like a baby polar bear playing with a fluffy kitten rolled up in a soft down blanket with rainbows flowing all around.

UPDATE: "Lies" from this point forward shall be called "shifts." ABC News.

UPDATE 2: Obama says that if he is elected, your kids should learn Spanish. Because that should be our National Language. Thank goodness that he is so articulate and clean and so proud of his country's citizens. How do you say, "Obama is a friggin' moron" in French? Hot Air.

UPDATE 3: Jeff Goldstein comments as only he can. Goldstein 1, Barry's Nuts 0.

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