Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Disarming the Thoughtless

I have actually been asked my opinion on this cover from the July 21st issue of The New Yorker. Just think, someone wants to know what I think on this! Please understand, I dismissed this crap as sheer politicking on the part of the New Yorker the instant that I saw it. Anyone on the Right that seized upon this in the early days, did nothing but increase interest in the New Yorker and expose more sheeple to the idiotic message behind the Left's propaganda arm. Since I have less than 100 regular daily readers, I can safely assume that I am not helping too damn much in that endeavor.

But first a disclaimer. I read the article that accompanies the graphic and it is not a glowing review (for intelligent people) of Obama like the New Yorker thinks that it is. And the caricature is NOT an image created with SATIRE in mind, it is heralding everything that the New Yorker lurves about Obama. Also, have you ever seen any evidence of those on the Left possessing any thought or talent for comedy or satire? Think Rosie or Al Franken. Furthermore, think about this. Do you honestly think that the New Yorker and its far-left writers think that being a Muslim is a bad thing? They want to force your kids to take Koran/Quran classes in public school. Do you think that the New Yorker and its far-left writers think that being a racist Black Nationalist is a bad thing? They loved the United Slaves back in the Sixties! Remember, those guys killed Panthers because they were not militant enough. Or burning our flag, or putting a painting of Osama bin Laden over the fireplace? If you think that the New Yorker published this image for any reason other than to help Barry and sell bird cage liners, you do not possess the intelligence to sell grilled cheese sandwiches at Burning Man. (For all of you Baby Boomers not up to speed with Burning Man, HERE's a link. It's the Gen-X Woodstock.)

Remember, in my world, nothing is mutually exclusive. This is yet another attempt to get people to vote for Obama, people who are too stupid to actually formulate a philosophy and try to work toward political opinions that promote a deliberate philosophy. Yes, there are certainly people that will look at the cover art and loudly exclaim, "There goes the Right Wing Media trying to make Obama look stupid!" while NEVER even bothering to check which political direction the New Yorker leans, you know, about 47% of this country. And there are others that will cheer the images of Barry and Michele as heroes because of their America hating opinions, you know, those two hundred or so inheritance babies that run the Party of the Morons, gotta keep our sheeple in line! "Slavery is good and necessary!" Besides, no one reads the New Yorker or even The New York Times anymore! But still, it is Whitey jumping on the Black man, yet again! Blank out the fact that the New Yorker is for all practical purposes, a propaganda arm of the Socialist and Communist Parties. One of those philosophies is Obama's, I am just not sure which one this week.

Here's the actual gist of the New Yorker's cover art. The Old Guard Media is dead. When the premier rag of the Left loses over ninety percent of its value in three years, all of the followers are terrified of having to try to find work even though they are patently unqualified to even serve fries at McDonald's. Even those Leftists realize that they must make a living while they are still trying to destroy Capitalism. This was a cynical ploy to sell their crap to people that have completely lost interest in anything that they have to say, you know, people that actually have jobs and have money to spend on bullshit like the New Yorker. But, it means nothing to those of us just trying to keep our money, provide for our families, and make sure that our kids have it better than we did.

And there ya' go, my personal opinion, thanks for asking!

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A simple clarification, I do not think that Barry Obama follows any religion, he is a Fascist who worships only government and I do not think that Michele is a militant anything, that would require work. They are both morons that steal/pander from/to whomever can give them money for nothing, which is exactly what they have accomplished in their long lives.