Friday, July 18, 2008

Obama or McCain, McCain or Obama

I shit you not, folks, I bolted upright in bed this morning just flat-out dying to know which of the morons running for President that Neil Young would endorse. Well, NOW I KNOW.

If there exists another person in this entire damn universe more qualified to tell me for whom to vote, I just do not know who it is. Joan Baez, maybe? Jane Fonda? Maybe Noam Chomsky? Oh shit, it would be Ramsey Clark. Wonder who he is endorsing, 'cause that's my damn pick right friggin' there.

I swear, as G_d is my witness, I wish someone would take all of these idiots, put them in old, leaky barrel with a bunch of Simplex nails and rusty barbed wire, and push them over Niagara Falls. That would bring me the most joy that I have ever felt in my entire life.

Well, except for meeting Bean.

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