Saturday, July 12, 2008

Simplicity Simplified

Since it's the weekend, I decided to launch into one of my diatribes about individual philosophy and the lack of it in so many people. Enjoy, you non-existent weekend readers.

Folks, contradictions cannot exist in the real world. Think about that for one second. If this is completely red, then it cannot be completely blue as well. If you stumble into a contradiction, then you have made a wrong turn on your path. You need to back up and find where you lost your way instead of forging blindly forward. Let's face it, no matter how smart you have become, there shall certainly be a time where you make a mistake, there are no perfect people. Granted, there are some that want you to believe that they are perfect, but alas, they are not and you should know this by now, you can read.

A really good current example of this contradictory evidence can be found in the statement from Obama that his healthcare plan will cost 65 billion dollars for 300 million people when we currently have a plan covering 43 million people that costs over 400 billion. Simple logic tells you, either he is lying or he is stupid. There are no other choices. If you are planning on voting for Obama, pick which one you desire in your President. This post is certainly not about that douchebag, though.

Our country, at one time, was the most free place in the world. Our Constitution guaranteed that. Read it, that premise is plainly contained in that document. It is definitely there. The document has never been corrupted in and of itself, it is a document. The perversion came from one place and that place was government. And our government requires men to power it. Again, there are no perfect people. And government employees probably prove that statement more than most.

Now, in my lifetime, the government has endeavored to accomplish a couple of things that at the surface seem noble. Reducing the number of poor people and trying to make our kids less stupid. Those are damn great ideas! Admit it, those are great damn ideas, huh?

Now, look at the way that they have attempted to do it. Reducing the number of poor people by simply handing them every single thing that they need and teaching them that the government is going to help. Has it worked? Whelp, since the percentage of poor folks has actually GROWN, I would say no, wouldn't you? Why do you think that is? It couldn't possibly be that the methods used to reduce the percentage of poor people are complete and utter failures, could it? What is the proper amount of time to keep forging blindly forward until you back up on that path that is leading you further and further into darkness? Is fifty years enough time?

Are our kids any smarter? Sure they know all of the proper key sequences to get unlimited lives on that first person shooter, but is that really intelligence? The standard that people cited so many years ago was that their kids could program their VCR, boy what a damn standard. Kids are smart because they can set a clock, wow. Do our kids know that in order to become successful in life that there is one person upon whom they can depend and that person is NOT you? Why is it that they have an idea that they and they alone should be allowed to begin their adults lives by being retired and then work backwards to having a job? Where in the Hell did they get that stupid idea?

Back to government. Why is it that people who desire the success of all other people would want to attempt to accomplish that by lumping a bunch of folks into one pile rather than explaining the very simple idea of individualism or self-motivation? How can that all important personality trait be taught if not by example? Why is it that people who desire personal success for everyone pick the very ways to accomplish that success that have been complete failures every single time that they are tried? Why would they think that they and they alone can make a failing idea into a success? Is it arrogance or simply a lack of intellectual curiosity? "Things in history never happened and even if they did, those facts are wrong."

Why is it that people that point continually to government as the source of every problem for their entire existence would want government to straighten those problems out? "Eww, the federally constructed levees in New Orleans failed, the federal government should fix them!" What a huge crock of shit. Doesn't that seem like a really ignorant and stupid philosophy? And contradictory?

Now, I go into the real deal. There have been some folks that decided to do certain things because they were right. Dr. King was one that had a personal philosophy that was just, but he did not practice the intellectual curiosity to follow that premise through to the main point of its endgoal. He talked about color, which is fine, but not when you are developing a philosophical premise. His unstated goal was success for everyone and he failed to ignore physical traits in that endeavor. He started on the right path and took a wrong turn. (I use Dr. King as an example because I think that we can all agree that his idea was right, he simply failed at his method.)

The ultimate goal of his mission was point A, yet ultimately his mission arrived at point 8. Instead of plainly stating the goal of his crusade as one of removing the oppression from everyone to allow for their personal success and accepting no less than his goal, he allowed others to interject their bad ideas into the method. The end result is the exact opposite of what he intended. Focusing on his intentions never allowed the movement to achieve the unstated goal, which was success of everyone. The business plan was never completed, the steps were only laid out and therein lies the rub.

But hey, let's build an abortion clinic on the street named after our hero! 'Cause we want Black babies DEAD.

If you desire the individual success for everyone, then you must FIRST accept that that individual success requires an INDIVIDUAL. You simply cannot place Jamal and Joe in the same place at the same time and think that they will arrive simultaneously at the same destination. That ignores the differences in Jamal and Joe, of which there are many. This is a very simple concept to understand. In our country there exist 300 million individuals, anyone that is married and has numerous kids can tell you that NONE of those people that have lived together for years have anything close to the same personality or individual philosophies. That is a given.

Why is it that there exist people in our country that think that our government can be all and end all to everyone when we cannot do that at home with six folks? Bad idea.

There are twenty-one questions here. You must answer the first one to have your answers for the next twenty even considered. You have one hour to complete the exam. Points shall be deducted for misspelling and of course for wrong answers. Your life depends on your test results and dammit, so does mine, begrudgingly. Answer wisely.