Monday, July 07, 2008

Since We CANNOT Talk About Race

Seriously, if I hear one more person say something about Barry being "young," I am virtually going to cough up my damn skull. I am forty-four, he is OLDER than me and I am NOT young. Let's do this.

Barry Obama was spawned on August 4, 1961. He is currently FORTY-SIX YEARS OLD! He will be forty-seven in less than a month. Can you even comprehend math and damn life expectancy, you stupid reporter that talks about Barry being young? Huh, moron?

If you are maybe hinting at his intellectual capacity, I agree, he is mindnumbingly, prepubescently stupid and naive. So, if that is what you meant, stop reading here, I certainly agree that he has the mental agility of a seventeen year old high school cheerleader and I am sorry.

But, if you are talking about his physical health and youth in that capacity, have a gander at the next few lines, it may make you aware of how stupid you are.

Please understand this, Barry's life expectancy is a WHOPPING 61.1 years. Table HERE. He is for all practical purposes on his damn deathbed from old age.

AND <--BIG, BIG AND, he has never held a damn private sector job in his entire life. He has basically been handed money for fleecing stupid people and tax payers for the entire extent of his existence. He has absolutely no accomplishment to his name other than becoming a millionaire without doing a damn thing ever!

McCain, on the other hand, was born August 29, 1936. He is currently seventy one years old and will be seventy two next month. Yeah, he's old, too. As a matter of fact, McCain will be the oldest President that we have ever had if he is elected. But, he has remaining, since he is already this old, ten point seven (10.7) years left in his expected contract. Check the table linked above if you do not believe me. Hmmmmm. Barry another 14.1 years left to survive and McCain has 10.7. WOW! Such a damn disparity, we should just kill McCain now, huh?

This is just a damn stupid topic, even more so than any of the policies that Barry holds dear. But, since you brought it up, let's look at the rest of our Presidents, okay? Can we talk about this honestly and say that if a President is within ten years of Barry's age when they were elected that they will be in the same classification? Ten damn years at forty-seven is pretty damn close, huh?

When/If Barry takes the oath, he will be 47 years 5 months old. The Younger and the Older are separated into headings, with the ones OLDER and within ten years in red. You know, just to show you how AVERAGE Barry's age is for a President.

18 Grant 46y 10m <--19th Century Wino, younger than Barry!!!!!
26 T Roosevelt 42y 10m
35 Kennedy 43y 7m
42 Clinton 46y 5m

1 Washington 57y 2m
2 Adams 61y 4m
3 Jefferson 57y 10m <--close
4 Madison 57y 11m <--close
5 Monroe 58y 10m
6 Q Adams 57y 7m <--dang close
7 Jackson 61y 11m
8 Van Buren 54y 2m
9 WH Harrison 68y 0m
10 Tyler 51y 0m<--within 5 years!
11 Polk 49y 4m<--within 5 years!
12 Taylor 64y 3m
13 Fillmore 50y 6m<--within 5 years!
14 Pierce 48y 3m<--within 5 years!

15 Buchanan 65y 10m
16 Lincoln 52y 0m<--within 5 years!
17 Johnson 56y 3m
19 Hayes 54y 5m
20 Garfield 49y 3m<--within 5 years!
21 Arthur 51y 11<--within 5 years!
22 Cleveland 47y 11m<--within 5 years!
23 B Harrison 55y 6m
24 Cleveland 55y 11m
25 McKinley 54y 1m
27 Taft 51y 5m<--within 5 years!
28 Wilson 56y 2m
29 Harding 55y 4m
30 Coolidge 51y 0m<--within 5 years!
31 Hoover 54y 6m
32 FD Roosevelt 51y 1m<--within 5 years!
33 Truman 60y 11m
34 Eisenhower 62y 3m
36 Johnson 55y 2m
37 Nixon 56y 0m

38 Ford 61y 0m
39 Carter 52y 3m<--within 5 years!
40 Reagan 69y 11m
41 HW Bush 64y 7m
43 W Bush 54y 6m

If by some stroke of lunacy he is elected, Barry will be the 44th President, with ONLY 14 in our history being ten years or more older than he. Look away, there's nothing to see here, HE'S YOUNG, I TELL YA'!!!!!

Will you kiss-asses in the media please quit fluffing Obama for five damn minutes and TRY to realize that we are in a Presidential election year? This kinda matters, you know, to the entire FRIGGIN' WORLD! Whether or not Barry has hair on his vagina is really, completely irrelevant.

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