Thursday, July 10, 2008

Site News!

Yesterday was my birthday and I turned this many. (Holding up forty-four fingers.) And yesterday was the highest traffic day in the three and a half year history of this little corner of the Webbyblagsphere times EIGHT! Over 1000 page views.

I would like to thank Jay Stephenson at Stop the ACLU and John Hawkins at Conservative Grapevine for picking my birthday as the day to completely screw up the symmetry that I had struggled so hard to accomplish on my traffic graph. Now, y'all have to link me every damn day for the next three years to get it back to flatlining, while somehow maintaining the exact same amount of traffic. Search me, I have no damn clue how you are going to do that.

Oh, read their sites every day, because all smart people do. Yes, you are smart, too, incredibly attractive, and everyone likes you, bunches and muches.

Thanks, guys!

UPDATE: Fully seven people in the whole damn world will get this, but I had to do it. I had solid three minutes that needed to get dead.