Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Bullshit Update

I just got a nasty e-mail from a fellow conservative that was referring to comment I made about seven minutes ago on a post at Rightwing News. On Saturday, August 23, 2008, I posted a graphic of the most liberal members of our Congress that pointed out that Joe Biden is the third most liberal member of the Senate and the tenth most liberal member of the entire Congress. Just so you know, Barry Obama is the most liberal member in both houses of Congress. Barry is the most liberal elected official in national politics.

I found this graph and study about three months ago when Biden's name was first mentioned as "a good middle of the road pick." Joe Biden is vehemently anti-Second Amendment, so "middle of the road" is not a good description, I searched for proof and found it. Since that time, I have made comments on other blogs about Biden being the third most liberal in the Senate and have been challenged many times on that statement. It was not important until Biden was nominated for VP, so I dredged that table back up and posted it on Saturday.

Since Saturday, that very same table, cut off at the exact place that I cut it, at John F'ing Kerry, has been posted at numerous blogs, but without the House of Representatives shown, it just shows the Senate. I have commented twice about that since, the full picture of exactly how liberal those two are, is NOT being shown.

First Point: Obama is more liberal than all of the other members of Congress. Joe Biden is more liberal than 97% of other Senators, but is more liberal than 98.2% of all other members of Congress. Using the larger sample size for Biden shows EXACTLY how liberal he is, so it is important to show the entire story.

Second Point: I do not give one flaming shit if someone lifts a graphic from my site and doesn't offer me any credit. I COULDN'T CARE LESS! But, to come bashing me like I want credit for the graphic on all the high traffic sites, fucking pisses me off no end. I hold certain philosophies as important to my financial success, it benefits my wallet for people that get thousands of hits a day (I average 50!) to show the same information that I show, whether I posted the graphic first or not.

Ronald Reagan followed the Commandment of "speak no evil about conservatives," and I follow that as well. Holy shit, do you just want to lose to the Obamoron?

My Saturday post here.

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