Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Letter Must Have Gotten Lost in the Mail (UPDATED!)

UPDATE: Michelle Obama/Soetoro was in Norfolk, Virginia and shared the stage with SIX military wives. I have no idea how many people were actually there, I could not care less. This was supposedly a roundtable about the military and their concerns. Just so you know how big this place is, there are currently 78 ships ported there, and it is not uncommon for every one of ships to be there at the same time. That also includes every sub that was stationed in New London, CT until 2005. In other words, this naval station is HUGE! Six wives and of the six, three were brought in from outside of the area and have been actively involved in Democrat politics for a long time. Also, none of the three are affiliated with an active service member, nor are active themselves. In further other words, AND?

UPDATE II: From the Air Force Times, there were "six spouses and three retired military personel. There were also 200 retirees, veterans, and spouses present. The majority of these are currently Obama volunteers from around the country." Also, this was the third one hour meeting held by Mrs. Obama, two in Virginia and one in Kentucky. McCain has yet to send his wife to the four meetings that he has held, instead he attends the roundtables himself.

UPDATE III: No, Barry Soetoro has not attended a single roundtable.

From Michele Malkin:

Michelle Obama is having “round table” discussions at various sites near military bases to discuss issues faced by military families (”Michelle Obama courts vital military families,” Politics, Thursday). A group known as Blue Stars for Obama, largely made up of military wives, has been asked by the Obama campaign to contact other military spouses and enlist/encourage them to attend and to, in turn, contact other military wives and ask them to do the same. It’s an attempt to infiltrate and extend support for Sen. Barack Obama in what has traditionally been a more conservatively leaning group…

It seems that folks are afraid of the pressure when higher ranking officer's wives ask the lower ranking officer's wives to attend. In other words, the Obamessiah is living in Dreamland thinking that there are higher ranking officers or their wives that desire to even look at the Obamas, much less actually sit down and hear them talk.

You know, the military is only about 90% for McCain. Since we have to realize that everything in this whole world is about the Obama famdamnily, mentally change that to read, that the Communist candidate is garnering a whopping, mind-blowing ten percent of the military vote.

Just so you know, I find this whole premise highly degrading, there are some women in the military who are married to men that are not. Just saying.

One issue that they should certainly discuss is why Barry Soetoro will not release the information needed to prove that he can even run for president, so why are we wasting our time even talking about the moron? Another good topic would be why Barry Soetoro would actually want to come anywhere near a military base since he hates this country, our military, and every principle upon which our country was founded? You know, I am only going on what he has said and written.

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scm said...

"You know, the military is only about 90% for McCain."

Then why have they given Obama six times more money than McCain?


Paul Mitchell said...

Consider the source, Sean. And try to find any (and I do mean any!) way at all to verify this claim. And I bet you dollars to donuts, it is not our military that is contributing to Barry, it is probably just more money from Hamas.

I assume this just another one of the lies coming from the Soetoro camp.

scm said...

Step 1: Dislike information that conflicts with one's world view.

Step 2: Call into question the legitimacy of said information's source.

Step 3: Cross arms, look smug.

You really needn't follow the playbook so closely, pal.

But I hear you. An independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit research group that refuses donations from businesses, labor unions or trade associations as a matter of policy clearly has all the reason in the world to make shit up.

Paul Mitchell said...

What do you dislike about my comment, Sean?

I can find no way to verify the CRP's findings and they do not post their source for any data. There is no way to track supposed donations under 250 for individuals, unless maybe you are saying that there are soldiers that are deployed that are giving such large amounts as to be trackable? Please fill me in on how they would compile that information. Maybe the Hamas brothers collected donations from our military guys and wrote their names and serial numbers down?

I find it highly curious that military rank and file would poll in excess of 90% for McCain, which IS shown in numerous polls, yet Obama would get more contributions. That is just strange. And I find it even more odd that Bush beat Kerry 89-18 in the military vote and Obama has no military background, yet Kerry was a decorated war vet. Unless it is solely based on race, which is honestly the only qualification that Barry has.

I haven't crossed my arms yet, but smug is the standard facial expression that I have daily.

By the way, Brookings, Heritage, the ACLU, Rainbow Coalition, NAACP, the KKK, Planned Parenthood, and CAIR are all supposedly independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit groups. What again was your point?

Just so you know, I am NOT voting for McCain, I am tired of liberals in any position. So, do not think that you are trolling a McCainiac, 'cause it ain't so.