Friday, September 05, 2008

Contradictory Naming of Interest Groups for Fun and Profit

Since the Obamessiah was a community organizer, I have decided to start my own little group of brownshirts to promote my own agenda. I am going to GIVE them t-shirts to motivate them, too. Holy shit! A t-shirt, IMAGINE! Just like Barry did!

Here's what my little group is going to promote:
1. Trees are more important than any human being could ever be.
2. There is no force more powerful than a human being regarding the salvation of trees.
3. Human beings are evil.
4. Trees can only survive if human beings do not kill them.
5. Trees are the only thing on this Earth that should never be touched by human beings.
6. Humans should recycle all paper products.
7. There should never be any garbage placed in the soil to decompose to produce nutrients for trees.
8. Old growth forests only exist for the survival of old growth forests.
9. Evolution is based on science.

I am going to call this group "The Reality-Based Community."

If you only read one thing today, make it be THIS.

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