Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fighting Crime - Just Check the Democrat Voter Registration

Of course, to actually check the Democrat voter registration, you have to first weed out all the duplicate names, the names of dead people, and the names that were simply made up out of the blue. Then you have to make it illegal for ACORN to exist and arrest everyone that has ever been associated with ACORN. Whoops, Barry Obama is in that list. SHOCKER number one! But, Two Dogs, they are community organizers, just like Jesus! They are holy! MORE HERE, Moonbeam. According to Saul Alinsky, Barry Obama's true god, Lucifer was the first community organizer, so just shut the Hell up, idiot.

Intelligent people know that if you want to fight crime, simply round up all the Democrats. Barry Obama is the head Democrat right now and is so knee deep in corruption that if he was a regular citizen, he would be on death row for pulling a Geroge Soros run on the market and destroying the economy of the entire world. James Bond never fought criminals the likes of Barry. And the contrarian point is that he is so sandpoundingly stupid that he cannot even speak. Witness video of every single Barry speech ever recorded. See post below. Yes, Barack Obama is a moron, there is no denying that fact.

However, we have a mainstream media to cover up for their guys. Any time that you read an article talking about an elected representative getting arrested, chances are 60-1 it is a Democrat, whenever party affiliation is ignored as it so often is, it is DEMOCRAT. Democrats commit crimes at a rate so exceedingly high as to skew the average towards the limits of crack crimes in the inner-cities. Twenty year old Black guys cannot even compare. And surprisingly enough, those Democrats never resign their office until they are in prison and are forced to. Witness John Conyers, Kwame Kilpatrick, Eliot Spitzer, William Jefferson, Marion Barry, shit the list is endless. Let's take a couple of examples.

The reason that Democrats do not want to fight the influx of criminal aliens is because they would not have any slaves anymore. Nor be able to find any actresses for their Latina Kiddie Porn rings. LOOK. Florida Democrat Congressman Allen Boyd just lurves those six-year-old Latinas. Gotta have 'em!

And if an evil Republican actually gets some accidental positive press, the Democrats have to lie, cheat, and steal to knock them off that perch. Such is the case with Sarah Palin's personal e-mail being hacked. Guess who is involved? Well, the theft originated in....wait for it......Chicago! SHOCKER! But, it also kinda dips into the area surrounding Democrat Tennessee state representative Mike Kernell's son David. Another SHOCKER!

To list the HIGH PROFILE Democrats that have been arrested this year alone would take forty-two pages of this webbyinterblurg. And would send me into fits of hysterics to the point of blowing a brain gasket, so let's just skip that, mmmmkay?

Anyhoo, since we cannot PROFILE in the effort to fight crime, can we anti-profile? Can we just assume that the criminals are NOT Republicans and go after all of those who are NOT on the Republican voter rolls? Seems like that would be the obvious place to start, huh? And it is blatantly NOT profiling!

And do you know what the Two-Fer is? It saves tax money because it cuts down on time spent by police to round up criminals! Yay! for smart police work!

Please take the time to personally arrest every Democrat that you know.