Monday, September 15, 2008

Hooray for Google! - Part Sumpin'

I am sure that some of you have even heard of "Google" because Barry Obama once mentioned it, but it is like in the top one million "Websites" in the world. They get literally tens of hits a day and distribute information to people that "search" the "World Wide Web." They even call their "website" a "Search Engine." Imagine!

Anyhoo, my personal "weblog" called "Mean Ol' Meany" is first on the Google "search engine" for "college football." This "weblog" is ranked even higher for the "search string" "College Gameday" than a "website" that is actually called "College Gameday" run by a ridiculously bad sports television station called "ESPN."

Oh, you say that ESPN College Gameday is above the link to my site? Yes, it is, but ESPN paid to be there, and Google still put my link first on the actual search string. ESPN, eat me.

I friggin' hate ESPN College Gameday. It is like the Holocaust of College Football.

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