Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Insanity Reigns Supreme

A few weeks ago, a person ran into this site by way of MUD's blog and we have struck up an internet friendship. Our paths have never crossed literally, but those paths were tangential. The internet and blogging introduces you to so many interesting people and I wish that Al Gore had developed this idea more fully many moons ago. Anyhoo, the tangential path person has a couple of blogs and asked me to contribute to a political one. It seems that she suffers from dementia. I agreed and I am certain that now she is regretting her offer.

In the past day, yet another discussion/debate/pissing match has sprung up regarding friggin' evolution. Please understand that this topic doesn't interest me much. I read Darwin's idea when I was about twelve, thought about it for a total of one minute and threw it away, just like every other bit of supposed science that can be discredited with a simple mathematical calculation done in one's head in two minutes. That is the very nature of thought and science.

Furthermore, there is no evidence of Darwin's Theory of Evolution that has ever been found in 159 years since his publication. It is bad science, but still some folks must continue on that path because they are threatened by the very existence of G_d. Yes, I realize those people are stupid as glass, but still I can't ignore people when they state that there is evidence proving Darwin's lunacy. Because sadly, there is no evidence, and to say that there is, is called "lying."

Here's the starting point. Remember, I friggin' hate this topic and only stupid people debate it. I guess that makes me stupid, because damn if I haven't debated it.

Darwin believed that man was a direct descendant of single celled creatures/bacteria/virus/happy pills. According to his theory, adaptation occurred in species until they evolved into a completely different creature. This changing takes places over an huge, vast, lengthy amount of time. Simple math will tell you that IF Darwin's idea was correct, then we would have many, many more "failures" in evolution than we would have successes. Right?

A virus adapting to stimuli does NOT prove evolution, it just means it is an adapted virus. The virus put its coat on in other words. A virus EVOLVING into a hummingbird does prove evolution. Get it?

How many have those "evolving species" have scientists found to date? ZERO. Not a single one. That flies in the face of every single mathematical proof in the entire history of the world if Darwin's theory is correct. In other words, if Darwin's theory of natural selection were true, it defies every truism of math. That is far-reaching, yo. So far reaching in fact that it completely discredits EVERYTHING that man has ever accomplished in the realm of science and math.

At the most basic point, proving Darwin's theory shall make everything that you hold true to immediately become false. Statistics shall be thrown out the window. History is forever changed. Nothing that you have assumed to be true can ever be seen as true again, because math has been completely, totally, overwhelmingly, forever debunked. Again, proving Darwin's theory to be true will debunk MATH!

And you know what the insult to injury is there? Proving Darwin's very theory as fact, STILL doesn't prove there is no G_d. That is actually the funniest part.

I have said this many times in the past. Darwin's theory has been proven untrue by years and years and years of failures. Next theory, puhleeeeeze.........

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