Monday, September 01, 2008

Sarah Palin - "Refining" my Initial Thoughts

I just keep thinking about McCain's uncharacteristic pick of someone for VP that is conservative and it just dumbfounds me. Also, since we have already established the fact that McCain will be 500 times better than Barry as president, what in the Hell does that make Palin? Let's put together a proper analysis, mmmkay?

A glaring fact that I have discovered by researching Governor Palin is that not only is she infinitely more qualified RIGHT NOW than Barry Obama could ever be, she is also just coasting through life as a politician while he scratches, claws, connives, and cheats his way through his career, just like the typical Chicago Democrat.

Let's look at what she has done in her much shorter life than Barry's. Remember, according to the Barryfluffing Media, he is young, young, young!

She has five damn kids! Trying to keep a fingerhold on ONE damn kid has been like trying to put socks on an octopus for me. Imagine what she could have accomplished if she would just stop screwing her husband long enough to sit down at a desk to work! (We can only assume that Hillary would have done the same thing had she been able to FIND her husband more than once.) Ponder for a moment what Palin could get done if she would cut out those weekends on the company boat raking in the catch to help her husband run the family business! Holy shit, if she would cut out those damn marathons or watching her husband race snowmobiles, there is no telling how much legislation that she could promote, lobby for, and pass! She could probably get government-subsidized interracial lesbian invitro-fertilization and subsequent abortion healthcare and guaranteed income for life passed! Sorry, that's the other party. (Barry promised this in the original draft of his acceptance speech, it was cut because of time restraints. Matter of fact, it is the only policy that he has worked out through the third iteration and has plans to cut all funding to the military to pay for it.)

While Barry Obama has struggled his entire life, working 195 hours a week to accomplish not a damn thing other than to assemble a cadre of America-Hating friends and financiers, Sarah Palin has been keeping banker's hours at her government positions and actually raising a family, building a family business, and staying fit and healthy. (While Barry smoked and rode his flat-tired bike around Hyde Park!)

While Barry was concerned over the "language" in a bill designed to kill live, wriggling babies that happened to survive an assassination attempt, Sarah Palin was choosing to let her baby live knowing he would be born with Downs Syndrome. Yes, I know that Downs is not the end-all of debilitating handicaps, but it says something about her character. One of these people is the epitome of evil, can you guess which one?

Geez, folks, why am I even talking about this? If anyone, and I mean anyone tells you that Barry has a single accomplishment in his life that is not completely overpowered by one in Sarah Palin's stat book, they are lying to you.

The G_d that proved just this morning that He hates Democrats by tearing apart Hurricane Gustav, will come through in November, I have faith in that G_d.

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