Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Then Two Dogs Said to The Nation (UPDATED at Bottom)

I was talking to my buddy, The Nation, yesterday and told him that I led the Google search for "College Gameday" on Sunday and The Nation was impressed. Of course, I kinda fudged the truth because I am like that in matters affecting other groups or AA as a whole. The actual search string was "College Gameday September 20, 2008" that I led. It makes no difference to me, I just like being ahead of ESPN on anything, because, well quite frankly ESPN sucks HARD. Then lo and behold, I lead again today on yet another search for "College Gameday." I p0wned ESPN again!

"Folks, meet my bitch, this is ESPN. My bitch, ESPN, the folks."

Here's the sitemeter shot to prove that it was today. You know, because I have a tendency to fudge. Notice the searcher was from Huntsville, do you think that he/she/ambiguous other was a Bammeroid?

Sell all of your ESPN stock and invest in Two Dogs Stock, obviously Google values it much more than ESPN and with the market going crazy right now, don't you want a sure bet?

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