Friday, September 05, 2008

Uh, Okay, And So?

Orpah Winfrey, the queen of moron television will not invite Sarah Palin on her show. And do you honestly think that Sarah Palin is wanting to go on Orpah's show? Palin has not impressed me as a moron, so why would she want to be on Orpah's program to talk to an audience of morons?

Seriously folks, that is fucking stupid to bash Orpah over not inviting someone with a brain on her program, she has never done that in the past, why start now? She has a winning formula, netting her a billion dollar bank account, with only having stupid people on her show.

UPDATE: I was informed that Barry Obama was on Orpah's show. The writer's point was that I said only morons were on Orpah's show. I stand by that statement, citing evidence that proves I am correct, Barry was on the show.

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I have received e-mails in the past about the way that I spell ORPAH's name. It is actually the name that her parents gave her, the midwife that filled out her birth certificate made a mistake, so I honor her mother and father because she doesn't.

Orpah's parents decided to give her a Biblical name. Don't believe me, EAT IT. Check the last line.