Friday, October 10, 2008

And The Panic Continues

This morning our market dipped below 8000 for the first time since 2003. "Why is this happening?" you ask. "I'm skeered!" you cry. "I am not going to be able to retire!" you lament.

As always, I am here to solve the problem.

There is a difference between the problem solving skills of an adult and a seven year old. Or at least there should be. Adults generally have more life experience and have attacked problems before. However there are some adults that do not have problem solving skills. This should be evident in the fact that the Democrat Congress immediately swore to give the whole lot of their buddies a bunch of money to solve the "crisis" that those very same buddies caused. Democrats solve problems like seven year olds.

Let's start the life lessons here.

To be able to tackle the problems that you are bound to encounter as you travel your merry, little path, you must FIRST develop a philosophy for your life. You cannot consider a problem without having all the data, and NOTHING is mutually exclusive. That is the particular reason that philosophy is desperately needed. The philosophy always comes first.

What is the one thing that you never hear from your representatives in Washington? Anything that involves seeing the larger picture. They address problems in a vacuum rather than falling back to step one. True, there is a small picture, in fact, there are many, many smaller pictures that make up the large picture.

There are some people that look to the largess at the top of the corporate food chain and point to the problems there. There are no problems at the top of any large corporation, people. The CEOs got to the point they are from hard work and moving up the food chain. Plus, the figureheads of these companies rarely make any decisions regarding the day to day activities of the company. Their main focus is to deal with the restrictions and regulations placed upon that company by the federal government.

Why do you think so many corporations have moved to more business friendly areas? And what exactly makes these places more business friendly? The bribes required to do business are placed right out in front of the main decision makers. In the United States, under a Democrat leadership, there are too many uknowns because Democrats address problems like seven year olds from lack of any type of philosophy. Democrats are not thinkers, they only react. Usually their reactions are detrimental to the overall economic health of our country.

You hear so many morons from DC saying that deregulation and lack of oversight were the causes of this meltdown. Nothing could be further from the truth. When federal regulators warned the Congress what was going to happen if they continued to manipulate lending practices, the Democrats scolded the regulators, saying that there was no problem with their ideas for giving poor people loans they could not pay. Democrats said that the poor people needed credit, so they should be given credit. Democrats do not understand how to generate wealth or creat jobs.

To prove that Democrats are idiots and liars, this is eight minutes, thirty seconds of Democrats attacking the regulators warning of this very market meltdown. They were warned and refused to attempt to understand.

Since the Democrats ignored the warnings because they were getting paid off by the very companies that are failing, why would we think that they could solve the problem they caused to begin with? Well, I for one, know that the government can never solve this problem. They do not think beyond the crisis.

Healthcare? What do you think that the end result of a nationalized healthcare system could possibly be? One glaring thing will be me standing at the buffet line keeping fat people from getting another plateful. Why would I, as the financier of healthcare for morons, not exercise my right to be my brothers keeper? Why would I sit idly by and allow people to engage in risky behavior? I would not.

Homosexuality shall become a thing of the past under a universal helathcare system because homosexual men are at a much greater risk of contracting STDs and we cannot allow them to damage healthcare for everyone. We will have to pay for that suicidal activity and potential drain on our collectivist economy UNLESS we police that activity. But, Democrats solve problems like seven year olds and that thought shall never occur to them.

There will be a very short period of time under a universal system where we enjoy the benefits and the initial individual savings. When I say "short," I mean maybe a year. Then reality will set in and we will see that the ones that have no regard for their fellow man will be gaming the system. Regular rioting will occur to stop the drain on the public. Minorities will be the main recipients of that violence. You don't believe me? That is because you do not think.

If you simply take the time to research the countries that use the jackboot system of medical services, you will see that the only folks that realize any benefit are the ones at the top of the food chain. The people employed by government that can manipulate their own medical services availability. Of coures, if you think nationalized medical services are a good thing, you probably do not understand any basic philosophy anyway.

The point of this long, rambling post is basically this, your personal philosophy is the very first thing that must be developed in order for you to survive. While you are putting this together, please remember that contradictions cannot exist. Points shall be deducted for grammar and spelling. Trust me.

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