Sunday, October 19, 2008

College Footbaw Roundup with FREE Political Commentary

I just couldn't believe that I went 0-5 with my SEC picks. SO, I went back to check, I had UGA and the over against Vandy, 0-1. I had Bammer and the over, 0-2. I had Kentucky and the over, 0-3. Had State and the over, 0-4. Cocks and the under, 0-5. I missed all picks and got only ONE over/under. That is stunning in its awesomeness. I did however pick within three points on the 'Horns/Mizzou game and was correct on both my pick and the over/under. I think that if I do start betting again, I will not place money on my SEC picks. I can't even out-contradict myself on those picks. I did tell y'all that I thought that the Kentucky-Arkansas game would go the way that it did.

Now, uSCCC beat the hapless Washington State Cougars by a score of 69-0. Normal people that understand college footbaw would drop uSCCC in the polls, because obviously Washington State is not very good, scratch that, they are friggin terrible. Lemme point you to the games of Washington State so far this year to illustrate exactly how bad they are.

Oklahoma State 38-13, Cal 66-3, Baylor 45-7, Oregon 63-14, UCLA 28-3, Oregon State 66-13, and finally uSCCC 69-0. Do understand that Washington State HAS won ONE game against D-II Portland State, 48-9. And strangely enough, Washington State TODAY is listed as having the toughest SoS, while uSCCC falls from last week's 92, to 101. uSCCC is headed for the cellar, like they always do, folks.

Wanna look at exactly how badly the voters want there to be no dissent against uSCCC being in the rankings? The new teams that are added, for no particular reason I might add, were chosen because their SoS is weaker than uSCCC. Tulsa and Boston College enter the rankings this week. The ONLY reason is to try to disspell the SoS argument against the Chosen Team. The truth of the matter is that even though TCU is playing really good footbaw, they do not deserve to be in the Top 25, either. But they beat BYU and they also play UCLA and Utah, both of whom will help uSCCC's SoS no matter the outcome.

All told, uSCCC should have dropped minimally three slots even though they beat Washington State. There is no justice in this league. And does anyone find it odd that Alabama beat Ole Miss and received ZERO votes for the number one slot this week, even though they got 30 last week and had a BYE? NO JUSTICE.

Next weekend, there is a Penn State v. tOSU game that should really do something to skew the rankings. You see, tOSU got the mortal shit beat outta them by uSCCC. And that was touted as The Game of the Century. It was a yawnfest. The Penn State-tOSU game will be made out to be the coming of the apocalypse, do not fall for it. It will be a bigger yawner than the uSCCC-tOSU game. Big 10 (11) v. Big 10 (11)? Good Lord.

Oh, if you want to see something funny, click the BCS Rankings on the widget on my sidebar. It shows the rankings from last year. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Oh, politics. Colin Powell endorsed Barry Obama? Yeah, is that a shocker to you? One Pro-Abortionist endorses another Pro-Abortionist? I am not going to trash Colin Powell, but I want someone to tell me exactly what Powell did before he was appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs under Ronald Reagan. Do not go back to look, just tell me one thing off the top of your head. You cannot do it, because the accomplishment doesn't exist. Colin Powell was given the Secretary of State position under George W. Bush's first administration to show bi-partisanship. If Powell is actually a conservative, it would be a shocker to me. I would venture to say that he is more conservative than Wesley Clark, but those two guys are politicians that just so happened to wear the uniform. Those people DO exist, you know. And if you simply look at the Joint Chiefs right now, those are some more politicians.

Shut up, Colin Powell's endorsement of the Obamoron means nothing to intelligent people.

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