Friday, October 10, 2008

College Gameday - October 11, 2008 (UPDATED!!!)

UPDATE AT BOTTOM. If you are wondering where the inept ESPN College Gameday broadcast will be, I think that it is in Norman, Oklahoma at the 'Horns/Sooners game. Sorry that the number one search engine, Google, sends you to my site when you stupidly search for the loser television program location on Super Shitty ESPN. Just saying.

Well, of course I have to use that title for this post to prove my superiority over the Four Letter. I have an ego to feed, you know. As always, you can click the images to see them larger and see how badly I OWN ESPN when it comes to college footbaw.

I do NOT however, own the bookies. I am below .500 for the season and am looking to get back to my winning ways. Let's get it on.

Of course, the big game this weekend is NOT an SEC match-up, this only happens once every three hundred, seventy years, so Big 12, get yo' drank on, you are in the spotlight.

Who ya' got?

The #5 'Horns (+6, O/U 55.5) at the #1 Sooners. I just want to say that the South Division looks damn good right now, but that shall change tomorrow. Welcome to the typical weekend slaughter experienced every year in the SEC. The only thing that Texas has to do to win this game is to keep the Sooners out of the endzone in the first quarter. Yes, that is easier said than done, but I think that Texas can do just that. Take Texas and the over.

Now to the SEC. Five games on tap, ten teams with the final outcome to be five wins and five losses for the good guys. Yes, this is the bludgeoning weekend. Someone is going to get hurt and there is nothing that we can do to stop it.

Cocks at Cats (+3, O/U 38.5) Seriously, this is ass-backwards to me, but as you know, I am not doing so great so far. The only reason that I see this flopped is because the Cocks beat Ole Miss last weekend and for some reason the books see that as a big deal. I do not. Take the Cats and the over.

The 'Bilt at We Suck (+2, O/U 38.5) Uh, you got the number 13 team in the nation playing the shittiest team in the SEC and they are only giving 2? Folks, Vandy is undefeated. Unless there is a blanket arrest of the entire Vanderbilt team tonight, take Vandy and the over.

The Vols (+12.5, O/U 41.5) at UGA. Tennessee is on a down year, witnessed by actually losing to a PAC-10 team. Baby, it don't get no worser than that in college footbaw. There should be a rule where you lose your right to play footbaw for a year when you lose to a PAC-10 team. Might as well be Hawaii, or this year, SMU. Lay the points, take UGA and the over.

Razorhogs (+17, O/U 41) at the Barn. Dang, that is a hard one. Since the Hogs suck and Auburn simply cannot run an offense (and junked the entire thing this week) against a minimum level of competition, take the Hogs and the under. Really, I would stay off of this one. I would stay off the Barn until we know what in the Hell they are going to do for the rest of the year. We should know this weekend, the only other team they could have been able to beat with no offense is We Suck and they have already done that, 3-2.

And finally, the Geaux Tigers (+6.5, O/U 45.5) at the Swamp. Is it weird that the number four team is a 6.5 point dog to the number eleven team? LSU actually owns the Gates in the Swamp. Something must have happened that I do not know about, which is highly possible. But, since I make my picks on what I know, and the Gates have not really played stiff competition this year, I shall go with the Geaux Tigers and the over.

By the way, wonder how far Alabama can fall by not playing this weekend? Ole Miss is the other team that has off this weekend and strangely enough, these two teams meet next weekend.

Here's yet another example of me kicking ESPN's ass. Good luck to me, huh?

This was yet another search that found this blog over the Four Letter. And the search was "ESPN Gameday AND October 11, 2008." Dammit, ESPN sucks and I don't.

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