Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Michelle Obama plainly states that her husband is a moron.

Even someone as stupid as Michelle Obama apparently is, understands that Barry is a tee-total moron. Does the Party of the Morons think that the lower an IQ is, the smarter you are? That is honestly the only explanation at which I can arrive.

Good Lord folks, hide your money and get ready to work fifty hours of overtime a week to pay for the ridiculousness of Barry's plans.

From Michelle Obama's hate-filled RANT: That’s why, as president, Barack will expand the Family and Medical Leave Act, so that millions of additional Americans will be able to take time off to care for a baby, or an elderly parent—or just to have a few hours to attend a school play or a parent-teacher conference or take a child to the doctor.

Please tell me, how friggin' much stupid can you cram into one little-bitty head? Are you going to get fired from your job because you went to a friggin' PTA meeting? What kind of stupidity is that?

How about this: But I know how lucky I am. After all, I have help. My mother lives nearby, and is always ready to pitch in to help with carpooling or making dinner, for the nights when I have to be away. And of course, our family is lucky in other ways. My husband and I have good jobs, which provide our family with health insurance. And if we need to take a few days off when our girls get sick, we won’t be fired for it.

I never knew that life was so damn hard. Dammit, is just damn near impossible to work all day and then cook dinner. Whew! I need to buy me some illegals or something. Folks, I was a single parent for a great long while. You do what you have to do to make things work. But, according to Michelle Obamoron, you have to have help. And isn't "good jobs" the understatement of the year? Michelle, you make over 300k a year BECAUSE your husband is a Senator. There is no other reason for the almost tripling of your salary the day after Barry got elected. Luckily, he immediately returned that money to UC Hospital in the form of millions dollars worth of federal taxpayer money. Quid pro quo?

Why don't you grow a damn backbone, you silver-spoon whiny crybaby? It is just so damn hard to make it on 4.2 million dollars a year, you, you, you person * that understands what it is like to struggle while attending your Ivy League schools.

I am not at all resentful of anyone that has the humongous wealth necessary to attend the prestigious schools that Barry and Michelle attended, I am damn pissed off that they want to talk like they are even remotely middle class though and you should be, too.

SHIT, HELL, DAMN! Obama is now in textbooks? What kinda bullshit is that?

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* I would never, ever call Michelle Obamoron the "C-word" or the "n-word" like the Left has no problem DOING with Sarah Palin. LANGUAGE ALERT!!! Oh, but you really need to see it.