Thursday, October 02, 2008

More on the Bailout of Criminal Democrats

With the passing of the Further Financing of Democrat Criminals Bill through the Senate by an overwhelming margin yesterday, we must determine that there are a slew of sleazy human beings on the Hill that in no way care one iota of a shit about the people that they supposedly represent. We are screwed, yo'.

In an odd twist, BOTH Mississippi Senators voted against the redistribution of wealth from our pockets to the pockets of the Barack Obama campaign. Now, I am certainly not saying that this odd occurrence was intentional, I am just guessing that the "NO" button was closer to the whisky glass sitting on Thad and Roger's desks.

The market will continue to be volatile until Obama's campaign is certain whether the financing of their illegal activities will be approved and then when it is certain, they will immediately go back into high gear trying to snag more money to the keep the campaign afloat.

Do NOT be fooled, folks. There is only one reason why this theft is even being contemplated, it is for the sole purpose of getting Barry into the White House. Then, let the pillaging begin in earnest.

You were warned.

UPDATE: I knew on Saturday that there was going to be a massive fire sale on Wall Street on Monday. Please tell me how exactly that the Congress did not know what I, a lowly redneck from Crackertown, USA knew. Then when the market opened on Tuesday, there was a Buy-a-Thon, because supposedly, the folks realized there was no bribery for Democrats coming from Congress. Back and forth, back and forth. The Senate passed the blank check for Barry's buddies yesterday, and today the market falls upon speculation that the House will also sign off on making Barry's buddies rich.

Okay, pick one, you friggin' morons, you cannot have it both ways. If your blank check written to Obama is good for the market, then state that opinion, if giving Barry Obama's buddies 700 billion is bad for the market, state that opinion. Take a side.

Oh, and giving the banks 150 billion in Europe didn't ease the liquidity CRISIS!, is our market MAGIC?

Good Lord, Congress, admit that you have no clue what in the Hell y'all are doing, then sit down and shut the fuck up.

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