Thursday, October 16, 2008

Secret Service says that no one wants to kill Barry

I haven't heard a whole lot about the national media reporters saying that someone screamed out "Kill him!" at a McCain/Palin rally. Obviously the reporters were referring to Barry Obama and were trying to gin up even more racist shit than they already have. Reporters do that because they are stupid and live to fluff Barry Obama. That is just strange.

I can also imagine that somewhere in this country, one of those old Democrat Party bigwigs has said just that about killing Barry. If you recall, Democrats don't like black folks too much. You know, it has only been the party platform since around 1815 to keep slavery legal and to never allow the blacks to succeed.

To actually publish ANYTHING about hatred of Barry Obama without pointing out the white hot vitriol towards George W. Bush is irresponsible on the part of the Barrystream Media, so I guess that I have to do it.

Wonder what would happen if the people that love this country went out and made a movie about killing Barry Obama just like the moonbats did about killing George Bush? We would have to institute martial law in this country if that happened.

But yes, the leftist morons made a movie about killing George Bush. The fun part about this movie is of course a gulf War vet was the actual murderer of the president. But, a reporter at a McCain rally heard someone say to kill Barry. Too bad that no one else at all heard it.

More on the "Kill George Bush" movie, HERE.

One more little thing about our media. They keep pushing the fact that William Ayers, Obama's domestic terrorist friend was a 1960's radical. Only one little problem with that, Ayers went underground for over ten years. He turned himself in to authorities in 1980, folks. Not the 1960's. Do you see what they are trying to do there? Well, it's obvious that they are trying to add another twenty years to the length of time since Ayers was actively pursued by the FBI as a terrorist.

Remember, Bill Ayers is a 1980's terrorist. Big difference.

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