Thursday, October 02, 2008

Twitter Attempt to Live Blog the Debate. UPDATED.

UPDATE: I am going to try and cut and paste my twitter thingy comments.

Goodness gracious! It was not even close, people. Sarah positively KILLED Biden. He looked clueless pretty much all throughout. My expectations were very low for her coming out of the gate, but dang, she exceeded my wildest fantasies about doing well.

There was absolutely no contest, anyone that says otherwise is lying. The fun part is that I picked up four new followers during the debate. AND THEY ARE ALL SPAMMERS! Those of you that were following, please let me know how it turned out. OR NOT.

I feel the need to add some comments here. Sarah did a wonderful job. Joe is bruised, bleeding and looked like a complete neophyte. It was not close and I am shocked, I tell you. And elated. Sarah Palin said that "No Child Left Behind" has got to go. Joe Biden said that it would work, that we just have to spend more money on it. Dang.


Here's my Twitter comments on the debate embedded in Scribd. Start at the bottom and work up, if you do not mind. And yes, I know it looks like crap. I am a failure, sue me. I might even replace it later. It does really look like crap.

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