Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bush = Bad, Barry = Good

Let's check in on the ol' market, since the Obamessiah got elected. HOLY SHIT, HELL, DAMN!!!!!!

Since the opening bell last Wednesday morning, the Dow has lost fully 15% of its value. Those investors are baling like Democrats from an actual job! Holy crap, the Dow lost 411 points today alone!

At this rate, 15% of value a week, by the time that Barry is inaugurated, the entire value of the market will buy a week old pretzel. So far, my HOPES are dimming on the CHANGE from the Obamoron.

Hope y'all got out when you could!

By the way, here's where I was in October 2007. My money would be hovering right around ZERO right now, thanks to the Obamessiah.

Glad y'all elected him!

(Just so you know, GOOG has gone from 366 to 291, a minute drop of 29% in one week. You would think that they were Starbucks, -25%. Save 'em, Barry! We need a bailout for the java and morons with humongous plugs in their ears!)

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Steve B said...

Uhm, I haven't been out to a lot of the news sites, but I'm sure they are all just making headline news of this, right?

Paul Mitchell said...

Absolutely, Steve. If you go to my personal iGoogle page, it's right there on the page.

Wait, you can't get to my iGoogle page.