Saturday, November 15, 2008

College Gameday - November 15, 2008 (UPDATED!)

Sorry, I almost forgot, if you are looking for where the dumbest human beings alive are, meaning the ESPN College Gameday folks, they are in Tallahassee, FLA.

Beware Nick Sabear and the Bammeroids, the Legion of Croom and NUMBER 118 WE SUCK BULLDAWGS are going to rain on your parade. Yeah, not really. I'm just kidding. Please don't hurt us. We're begging.

Fuck a big shirt!

For those of you that want to stay away from college footbaw today, you should load up the car quickly and drive one hundred miles an hour to get to Champaign, IL, Stanford, CA, or to University Park, PA. Trust me, you could not possibly be further away from college footbaw if you were in those three areas today.

UPDATE: Way to go UGA, certainly you shall fall from the Top 25 for this damn performance, assholes. But, thanks go to the Rednecks at Oxford, way to go you Negrohaters! Uh, Gates, do you think that maybe you could give us a little show, please? Thank you, Turban Miers. I'm is 2-1 so far and got the o/u on my two wins, too.

UPDATE 2: Coming out of the gate, I was up 2/2-1, that means that I actually won two on the spread and the over/under, and lost one. With three left to go, I won the Bammer game, but missed the o/u, I won the Vandy game and got the o/u, and WHAT THE HELL! Geaux Tigers, what did y'all DO? Y'all laid 16.5 dammit! Were y'all not looking at the damn scoreboard?

Anyhoo, this week I didn't do too bad. I ended the day 4/3-2. This was my best weekend to date, y'all. I am not sure, but I think that I am getting better. What say y'all?

Let the games begin! (in 30 minutes Whoop! Whoop!)


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