Monday, November 03, 2008

Final Barry Obama Linkdump

This shall be my final election linkdump. I have sent out as many of these as I possibly can. Yes, I have e-mailed these linkdump to the intelligent sites, but I have also e-mailed them to the moron sites as well. I have been linked quite a few times from the smart guys and zero times by the idiots. I guess that dissent on the doltish sites is not allowed. Oh well, if Barry actually wins this, it will not be long before they realize that they were duped by the criminal. Let's do this.

One more time, the Democrats CAUSED the subprime and the housing market to "collapse." You can try to blame it on Bush, but that just proves you are an idiot. And a vote for Obama means that you want it to get worse.

Dissent is never allowed against Dear Leader. Get ready for the JACKBOOTS that slammed down on Joe the Plumber. Doesn't the aggressive attempt by the Democrats to destroy this citizen scare you?

The content of this article is somewhat confusing, but when JOHN DEAN speaks out against Republicans, that should be the only reason that you need to vote for Republicans.

There is a reason that the Barrystream Media has not been truthful in the coverage of Barry Obama. They want to lead this country, just like they wanted to in 1975.

See the highest rated video on You Tube HERE. Dear Mr. Obama, the military supports your opponent OVERWHELMINGLY.

Who in the Hell is JOE BIDEN? No one knows and no one cares. Is he an ball player?

You're Jewish? You are going to lurve you some President Obama. This guy SUPPORTS Barry!

Remember that idiotic Dogs for Obama link that I had a few days ago? Welp, that scheme was stolen from the Father Party's graphics. SHOCKER!

As usual, emergencies make for bad legislation. What if your entire CAMPAIGN is built on addressing only EMERGENCIES?

David Drake shows how thin skinned the Obamasissy is. Geez, come on guys GET BACK ON THE BUS.

And it is sad when the BACKBONE of your entire party is made up of thieves, criminals, and morons.

Gnutcase sent THIS in from Wonkette, NO HE'S NOT GAY! It's about those racists at Ole Miss!

Are you properly protected from the WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION? You better get that way really quick, sir, ma'am, undecided.

Let's close this out with humor, okay? Check THIS out.

And last couple.

This is going to be my new tact with women. How do you think it will work? - Watch more free videos

Vote for Obama!

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