Thursday, November 13, 2008

History - The Two Dogs Way! With much needed collaboration!

Excerpt from an actual IM thread with FREE CUSSING!

me: Reading the book John Adams, makes me realize how small I am compared to the people that made this country. I am humbled.

claney: yeah we should all be humbled lots of things are being forgotten. our country is being dumbed away.

me: The funny thing about it is that they had to ride damn horses to Philadelphia. It took three weeks from Delaware and they still fucking did it.

claney: hell to the yeah they were some bad ass sumbitches

me: Go to Google maps and see how far that is. Fuck, horses suck.

claney: bad ass sumbitches are few and far between these days

me: Cars are awesome.

claney: laziness is taking over this country... and it began with the automobile, actually it began with the train!

me: No, it began with the wheel, death to the WHEEL!

claney: yeah fuck a bunch of wheels and fire

me: Death to the people that are Pro-Wheel!

claney: if we didn't have fire we would better off

'Merrca, your problems are solved!

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Joubert said...

So that's why you mentioned Adams. :)

Paul Mitchell said...

Not necessarily, I could have said boring like Washington Roebling. Which would you prefer?