Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The "I Just Woke Up" Linkdump.

Having just completed a test to see exactly how long I could sleep, I awoke from dreamland laughing like a seven year old girl. Weird. And I distinctly remember dreaming that the United States of America has elected someone that has never lived in this country.

The important things come first. The BCS is officially dying a slow and grueling death. WELL SINCE ESPN NOW OWNS THE BCS. The funeral is scheduled for 2011.

Meltdown starting over to the DailyKos Moonbat site, STARTING 3...2...1... Democrats are so very principled.

My dream came true. We all knew that our new president was a cardboard cut-out of a smart person. Now, we get to learn how much US currency is worth. Oddly enough, the Dow is up right now a whopping 12.74 points! ( A mere ONE second after this post was published, the Dow is now OFF -61.73. Get out the Dramamine.)

This video has exploded all over the thinking people's blogs since last night. I thought that I should jump on the train because we all know that there are no original thoughts bouncing around inside my melon. Obama voters are friggin' morons. SHOCKER! (Please Rock the Vote, because if there is anything in this world we need, it's MORE dipshit morons deciding the direction of the government of the United States.)

Marginalizing EVERYONE
. Honestly, this is one of the funniest sites that I read. This dude is so damn sharp.

Can you say, "Oh shit, this guy is dead, dead, dead?" The Religion of Peace is simply going to stand for someone punking Barry Obama Sr.

Thank goodness the Barrystream Media is finally placing the shining light of gravity where it belongs. FIRMLY UPON MICHELLE OBAMORON'S HUGE ASS. This qualifies as "news."

The Obama Kool-Aide Klan in Germany HATES JEWS, TOO!

And could the LA Times actually be coming to their senses? Vegas places that line at one million. Obama has a thin resume? NAW! Compared to the intelligence of those that voted for him, it is a stellar resume.

The housing problems are starting to cut into the fraternity shenanigans. THIS SHALL NOT DO.


Speeding down the road to the day of Thanksgiving, Coffee Bean jumps out in front of the pack. I AM A BIG SOFTIE. Thank G_d, there exists one woman in this world that knows her place. That brings to total of said women to ONE.

Mark Cuban has been in the news lately for insider trading. Something tells me that his troubles began when he financed the creation of BAILOUT SLEUTH. This one will take some time, so get a cup of coffee.

Search is KING! We all figured that out with the introduction of the Go.Google virus. How about a bunch of search tips? GOOGLE RULES THE WORLD.

With the question posed yesterday about what you are looking for in a site about architecture, I found that EXPERTS SAY ARCHITECTURE WEBSITES SUCK. It is so damn true.

In the art field, negative space becomes the important factor. VOIDS DEFINE THE FOCUS. Whitespace rules, yo.

One more site question, "If you were searching for an architect in your area, what would your Google search strand read?"

Classic Zo.

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