Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Morning Linkdump

I have no idea if anyone even likes these roundups of posts that I find interesting, but que sera. Since the drubbing that the McCainiac took on election day, I F-E-E-L the need to try to point folks to other like minded people that can help take our beloved Republican Party back from the milquetoasts or offer the milquetoasts a shirt with a built-in backbone. Yes, the McCainiac is exactly what the Barrystream used to call him, Moderate. My personal opinion is that we need to bring the moderates closer to the point in the political spectrum where they begin to believe as small government types. Certainly McCain shares the big government philosophy that the Centrist George Bush does, but somehow they have both gotten labeled as "Conservative." Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact that Bush grew the government spending by 71% doesn't help his case. Let's take the dump.

Double-plus fun. Obama appointee, lobbyist, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac goon.....Hire a vetter to vet the vetters? Is there a certain rabbithole that we are jumping into with the Obamoron? "There shall be NO lobbyists in an Obama Administration!" He lied, the markets died.

In an effort to jumpstart the stupidity that shall reign supreme in his tenure, Obama throws Israel UNDER THE BUS. Why is this so important? Because of all the countries in the Middle East, Israel is the lone voice of reason in the region. Buy a clue.

But, in an effort to manipulate the masses into believing that Obama is NOT a moron, he opens his basketball eating cakehole regarding an NCAA FOOTBAW PLAYOFF. I feel dirty that talk about my beloved college sport spews from the mouth of the Obamoron. Dirty.

Also, basketball people are the ones ruining the market, but MARK CUBAN is just a douchebag. Dammit, I hope the Obamessiah makes him bail out the banks.

Some Barry fans decided they wanted to break into a house and the COUGAR GOT THEM. Oh, but the homeowner shouldn't have animals like this because they might attack people that BREAK INTO HIS DAMN HOUSE. The train has left the tracks, folks.

In a companion piece to the Right Wing News post that found most conservatives find the McCainiac offensive, oddly they agree that Sarah Palin is THE BEE'S KNEES. SHOCKER!

Construction is going swimmingly on the new building for the Trade Center block. SEVEN YEARS, ONE FENCE. Your government, hard at work. Can you say clusterf*ck?

Wonder if Bloomberg shall take seven years to OUTLAW SALT? Sidenote: My grandmother is eighty-eight years old, eats eggs and bacon every day, with real butter on her biscuits, and usually drinks ten cups of coffee a day. She can KICK YOUR ASS. But, let's be skeered of salt, okay?

If there is anyone that should be investigated for making disparaging remarks about the Obamoron, it should be me, but North Carolina police officers are getting that attention instead. My Space, police officers, WHO KNEW?

In a tidbit of irony, let's check in on those FOLKS THAT ARE SUFFERING in this terrible economy. You know, while they dine at Four Seasons and shop on Fifth Avenue. Eeeek! My plasma screen is one WHOLE year old, IT'S ANOTHER GREAT DEPRESSION!

Welp, let's see. Pressurized gas cylinders, nails, Obama t-shirt, slamming through airport barricades. NAWP, DIDN'T WANT TO HURT NOBODY.

If we do not instantaneously stop driving cars, burning fossil fuels for heat, refuse to build a bunch of windmills, eschew all nuclear power, and start recycling our toilet paper, the oceans are going to RISE ONE GAZILLION MILES IN ONE MINUTE. That's scientific, peoples!

In the San Francisco Chronicle, they wonder if you are stupid if you continue to pay your mortgage. LOOK AWAY, IT'S FINANCIAL SUICIDE to pay for what you bought. The Obamessiah got yo' back.

Thanks Michelle for breaking those barriers for the po' ol' black folk. Now, they all make 300k one million a year, since their husbands are the president! Boy, times sho' be diffent naw that Massa Obama bees in da White Hou.

Moonbat op-ed writers EAT THEIR OWN? You would have to lick your own ass to get the taste out of your mouth.

Since we are only two weeks into the fiasco that shall become the worst financial crisis in history, why not throw the BAILOUTS UNDER THE BUS? It is philosophy of the sane kind.

When the responsible people tell you that your ideas are really bad, MAYBE YOU SHOULD LISTEN, Paulson. But, oh Hell no, let's just keep rolling down Stupidity Boulevard.

The political climate just gets more and more interesting to me. Bush? Conservative? You are sandpoundingly, overwhelming FUNNY.

Valour-IT is still running the contest for the Service Branches. Contribute or you shall face the MINJA! The link is at the top of my sidebar for contributing to the Chairforce team. Do it, Baby Jesus wants you to. And Barry Obama would hate it if you did. Two-fer!

Just so you know, the market has been open one whole hour and is only down 160.01. This is the BEST day on Wall Street since the Obamoron was elected. Enjoy your new found "less than bankruptcy."

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