Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday Morning Linkdump

I have started hoarding these links that I run across during the week to try to piece together some sort of congruence to them. It takes me about three days to see a recurring theme to the ones that I save, but it always shows up. Even when I am not concentrating on thinking, my massive brain is doing it all by its little self. That is scary that there exists intelligence LURKING below the surface. I am afraid of my own damn brain. Let's get it on!

We all know that the most dynamic politician to emerge in the last ten years has been Sarah Palin. No one else comes close. Only morons think otherwise, please keep it to yourself about Barry, you are only going to be disappointed. However Alas, Palin is just a politician. Gotta get those votes.

Is there any doubt that the Barrystream Media skewed reporting on the Obamoron to the point of silliness? Could it possibly be ANY WORSE than it already has been? YES. Damn, CBS, you CANNOT be serious.

What is the only benefit to Barry apparently getting elected? The Second Amendment shall get defended. VIOLENTLY, if necessary. Honestly, I find that article hilarious.

Since we all know that Obama intends to reach across the aisle, for the first time ever, can we assume that in doing so he would actually pick a person without a bucket stuck on HIS HEAD? In case you are not keeping track, the three appointees that I have heard are Rahm Emanuel, a ding-dong,leftist moonbat, Henry Rivera, a dingbat that makes Rahm look somewhat sane, and now RFK? Hooo, Lord! Thank goodness that Obama is following through with his NO LOBBYIST pledge. You know, since those three guys are all LOBBYISTS. And three old white guys.

Can you tell me what will happen if the Obamessiah is actually NOT elected? You know, there is a chance that the electors go to the college and decide that they are not CRAZY. Will the Obamabots have to halt their plan for an Obama-liday? A holiday to honor Obama? You have got to kidding. Y'all are nuts.

So far, the only CHANGE that I see is the proposals from the Obamaasylum. Gribbit has MORE.

Feh, odds are 6.378 to the quadrillianth power that this next four years is going to be a debacle of Biblical proportions, but we gotta have HOPE/CHANGE.

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Steve B said...

I find it interesting the Emanuel served on the Board at Fannie-Mae from 2002-2004. And now he's a head honcho in the White House.

A real barn-burner, that one.

Paul Mitchell said...

So far, 100% of his appointments are lobbyists. Didn't he make some kind of pledge to NOT do that?