Wednesday, November 26, 2008

World Now Allowed to Use the Intrablargs

As long as the United States of America kept other lesser countries with their weird-ass languages from getting on our Blarkywebs, we were invincible.

Aw Hell to the naw, we gotta share.

I am warning you mouth-breathing cretins from France, ONE BAD WORD about the United States on our interblorgs and not only are we kicking you off the warbyinterblegs again, but we are making you drink that shit you call "champagne" and eat those slugs again.

Yes, I realize that if you actually have to start drinking champagne again, you have to eat those slugs to get the taste out yo' mouf'. Dang, you named it after a city in Illinois, what the Hell do you expect? And NOW, since you can learn to spell by using our netweb, maybe you will not misspell that nasty wine's name again, either.

Oh, and while I am at it, do you think that maybe you can get a little closer to a damn bar of soap, you nasty smelling nasty-nasties?

Do NOT even get me started on the folks in Asia, either. I will not be able to stop myself. RICE? Who the Hell eats RICE? Nasty. Yeah, name a food substance after a mediocre college in Houston, Texas. What the Hell were you thinking? They absolutely SUCK at footbaw. If you want a good name for food, check the mascots in the SEC, morons. Try 'Cocks, that'll do ya'.

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