Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Because I am a Good Son

I provide my mother with a cellular phone so she can connect with her friends, send and receive text messages, and in case of emergency. For Christmas, I gave her a new cellular phone, a V3a, to upgrade her other phone. This is an excerpt from an actual conversation with her that occurred less than three minutes ago. She is an electronics savvy monster.

Ma: I am about to go the cell store and I brought the box and manual for my old phone to donate to that wife beaters thing.

Me: That's good, they need those old phones, that's why I told you to do that. Wife beating is bad.

Ma: But when I opened the box for my old phone, there is another phone in it and another charger that has never been opened. Will it work with my new phone?

Me: Dunno, does that charger have the kinda plug that your new phone has?

Ma: I'll just ask them at the store if it will work with my new phone.

Me: Good idea, 'cause everyone needs ten chargers for their phone. Where did that other phone come from?

Ma: Oh NOES!!!! I can't find my current phone.

Me: Ma, you are talking to me on it. Look next to your ear.

My ma used to do drugs.

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