Monday, December 15, 2008

Black is the New White Linkdump (UPDATED!!)

Here's the UPDATE: Andy has a post that gives you a good idea of just how incompetent the Fed can be. PROSTITUTION AND BOOZE!

Stupid people never cease to amaze me. That is nearly the sole reason for producing this blog. But, if you want to generate lots of interest and FUNDS for your footbaw program, don't you think that sending out an e-mail three days AFTER an event is sorta stupid? Yes, I received this e-mail from my alma mater, We Suck, YESTERDAY. Good Lord, let's take a gander at who these people are. Publicists or "journalists," college professors, and government employees. It is the TRIFECTA of moronity. <--No, that isn't a word unless you know Sultan.

Remember that guy that was running for president and no one wanted to vote for him UNTIL he got a conservative, attractive, enthusiastic woman to run with him? Well, THE MAVERICK IS BACK. And douchier than ever. Wonder what the Over/Under would have been without Sarah Palin? Would the McCainiac have even won one single state? Odds say NO.

I always wondered why Europe names their cities after college towns in the US. But, the socialists of Greece are up in arms. Riots and name-calling, they must be Kos Kids. The Bible says, "Spare the retractable baton and tear gas, spoil the child."

Do you know why we should start completely ignoring Europe and all of its wacky ideas? Because they build houses FOUR FEET WIDE. Just so you know, there is no way that any of these buildings could be constructed in the US. We have building codes. Well, we have building codes everywhere except in Robin Hood.


When the most competent person in your proposed administration is going down in flames, THERE IS A PROBLEM. Remember, almost all of the Clinton's staff were put in prison after the end of their traipse through the slime, but Bill Richardson escaped unscathed. Well, that just came to an end. MOST. CORRUPT. ADMINISTRATION. EVAH. (Even before it's an administration!)

Muslims shit their pants, screech obscenities and fling poo. Yes, they are akin to orangutans, but without the intelligence. SHOES? Dang, that is just childish. Why not throw Barbies or some other kinda GAY-ASS SHIT? Dude was ten feet away from the President and MISSED. No wonder Muslims lose every damn fight they are in or choose to just attack women and children. They can't even hit a damn six foot tall man with a shoe from ten feet away. "Hey, Mulehammit, you throw like a girl."

Shoes? Who throws shoes?

Dr. Thomas Sowell has this to say about Barry Obama. Listen to this, he's an intelligent ADULT. (seven minutes)

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