Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An Historic Post: Number 1474 - A Linkdump

Christmas, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. Since no one actually knows just what in hell they are doing anymore with Christmas decorating, I offer this drawing. Click it to see it large size. Print it, and tack it up in the Jury Room. It will help. Granted, this is NOT the 100% Construction Document Set, but we are only at Design Development anyway. We hope to have it finished in another three weeks. Timely? You betcha. That's how we in the architecture field roll.

Braden's drawing is STILL IN SCHEMATIC. For those of y'all that do not work in the architecture industry and do not understand the terminology, just laugh and move on. Nothing to see here.

Google decided to get into the Christmas spirit as well. They are hosting a gingerbread house design competition. USING SKETCH-UP. If you want to add some design tools to your Sketch-up palette, I suggest candy canes. They would awesome on your next library design, don't you agree?

When putting together all of your past Christmas video and audio, try out Quick Media Converter. It translates pretty much every single media file and can combine them into one file. Nothing says "Christmas" like a video with Bing Crosby singing in the background of Behind the Green Door.

There are others that are COMPLETELY IGNORING CHRISTMAS. As well as everything else.

Holy Crap, Internet Explorer has security issues? Naw! I switched over to Firefox from IE back when I got hold of the Go Google virus. I like the dictionary that is integral in Firefox, too. The security hole is allowing folks to grab your passwords. DITCH IE, NOW. Get Firefox 3 and you won't have those problems anymore. Plus there are some really cool toolbar add-ons that you will like. Get it HERE.

While you are making changes, you can add a NEWSFEED TO YOUR BLOG OR WEBPAGE HERE.

Remember the Shoe-Chucker? Remember Da' Barn firing Tommy Tuberville? SEE THEM TOGETHER.

The Shoe-Chucker is the same as Joe the Plumber. Well, he is according to the LA TIMES.

When Democrats control the government, people lose jobs, the economy slows, children go hungry, everything bad happens, and the country is worse off. Oh, and Toyota HOLDS UP CONSTRUCTION ON ITS MISSISSIPPI PLANT until Obama is gone.

But, we will get to create GAY SCHOOLS.


And if riding a train to Washington makes the media jizz their skivvies, what in the world would being put in a papoose and WALKED to Washington do?

Finally, if you are wondering what the ultimate Christmas gift really is, watch this and all of your problems are solved.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! My artistic abilities leave a lot to be desired, huh? :)

Paul Mitchell said...

Braden if I had a Pad, I would do the same damn thing as you and you would be shocked that I actually draw for a living.